Thursday, October 26, 2006


I wake up.
I go to the bathroom.
I go to the toilet.
(I'll spare you the details)
I flush.
I walk to the sink.
I put soap in one hand.
I turn on the tap.
I wait for the water.
I wait... I wait?!?

I'm not supposed to wait for the water, it just magically appears whenever I want it to. There's a little water dripping from the tap, just enough for me to manage to rinse my hands.

I try the shower. Nothing.
I try the kitchen tap. Nothing.

Something's wrong here...


  1. question: did the toilet flush work? :-)

  2. Yes it did :P

    Otherwise I'd probably have realized something was wrong before I put soap all over my hands...

  3. brainstorm7:18 PM

    Well Generally those toilet flush have a reservoir and if a person like anne apple's didn t use it before the water shortage ends, they generally can provide water for once , hmm you are a lucky girl anne, no body else used it before you :)Hmm well annie the apples you live in bergen and there is a seashore hmm? So u could go there and insert your soaped hands to the sea to catch some fish, Ehh well so what did you do with your hands soaped hmm? Don't you have a cat or doggie to caress his head? Dogs and cats can find water faster than u eheheh :)))


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