Thursday, November 25, 2004

Norway in money

Norway is worth 55.158.356.850.000 NOR (Norwegian kroner):

6,802,796,092,352.14 EUR (Euro)

9,005,129,341,843.48 USD (United States Dollars)

4,769,989,188,279.66 GBP (United Kingdom pounds)

10,610,443,565,942.39 CAD (Canada dollars)

923,348,968,504,377.25 JPY (Japan yen)

11,380,756,963,119.25 AUD (Australia dollars)

539,034,026,443,875.31 PKR (Pakistan rupees)

254,976,564,674,339.50 RUR (Russian rubles)

14,771,038,156,040.83 SGD (Singapore dollar)

405,429,069,453,486.06 INR (Indian rupees)

3,467,599,704,678.31 OMR (Oman rials)

Just in case you were wondering...

Pakistani sex life

Why do people like to get married in winter in Pakistan? Ever asked yourself that? Well, it might be because the weather is nice.

"(...) here in winter its very rare to see rain
and there is one more reason why couples like to be marry"
"its cold weather and very pleasant for guests and they enjoy but top of everything
couples like to have sex in Cold weather
bec it gave more excitement than other weathers"

The question of why that is so remains unanswered...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

November 24th

One month till Christmas. One week till December.

My teddy bear will go to the kindergarten tomorrow. One of my roommates is studying to become a preschool teacher and she has been in the kindergarten for a month. She asked me earlier if I had a teddy bear, she was going to read a story about a bear tomorrow and she wanted one to hold up while she was reading. She did promise that they wouldn't play with it though, she was just going to keep it in a bag. Yeah right, show kids toy and expect them not to want to play with it, in what kinda world is that possible? It's good though, it doesn't get to play much, just lying on my pillow with its three little friends during the day, and in my arms during the night.

I'm putting Christmas songs on my mp3 player, good to have it done, but I can only transfer about half of them. I wonder what's wrong with the others... could be that there's something to protect them or something so that I can listen to them on the computer but not on the mp3 player. That's strange though because it's not legal to download songs, but it's legal to put your songs onto cds, minidiscs, mp3 players etc... Anyways... It is a bit early to start listening to Christmas songs but I'm just doing it while I put them on here.

'Nöel, c'est l'amour' is on. What's this with Christmas songs in French? Those of you who speak English might never understand this, but a Christmas song isn't a Christmas song. I can hear all kinds of Christmas songs in English and they're nice and make me think of Christmas. But when I hear one in Norwegian... it's like I'm a kid again. Christmas carols in English are becoming more popular, but those in Norwegian, the same ones I've been listening to since I was born, the songs we had on cassettes, messing around with when making gingerbread cookies (no gingerbread cookie making without Christmas songs) will never be replaced. It's really not just that it's the same songs, it's that it's the same language from back when it was the only one I knew. They're special.


I don't belong in this country of ice, someone get me outta here!

One down...

I was kinda worried that the crush question was going to show up on the test today. I might just have had to go for A if it had appeared... I'm actually listening to Crush right now, maybe there's something to it?

The exam... well... The multiple choice was fun, 60 questions about anything and everything. Then I wrote a thing on social influences and another on perception. I wrote more than I thought I would on the first, and not very much on the second.

I learnt something about myself today. About myself and being nervous. I've noticed that I'm less nervous when presenting something in fromt of my seminar group or when having a guidance session with a teacher or something. In high school I always used to be really nervous about that (the talking in front of my class) but now it seems to have... worn off? I'm sure it will come back next time, but last time I talked about my paper in philosophy during the work group, showing the others what I'll be doing and stuff, - I wasn't nervous. I didn't think about it then.

But that wasn't what I learnt today.

Today I got up at six, six thirty. I had some cereal but I couldn't eat a thing. My head empty, I usually have too many thoughts up there. After breakfast I walked to the bus, it's about 25 mins there and I've spent ages finding out where the bus was leaving from. I would have had to take another bus to that bus if it had rained but luckily the sky was clear - and it was freezing outside! The bus came almost right away. When I was sitting there I realized that I was just sort of hearing others talk, about the exam, mostly, since there were many of us on that bus. I didn't have a single thought in my head. I didn't daydream, I didn't wonder, I didn't think. Not the slightest bit nervous, just completely calm. That lasted until... until I lined up to hand in my exam five hours later. When I first walked into the room where the exam was going to be, seeing an ocean of desks and chairs, I realized that this is... serious. In a good way. It's no more high school - this is university. It's said that no one makes it on their first try, meaning no one manages to get As on all three exams, which is needed to keep studying psychology.

I'm just wondering... do you stop being 'obviously nervous' as you get older? I know I was nervous in a way, but it was more a totally relaxed state of nervousness. Like my brain was just relaxing as much as it could before it was time to work. I much prefer it this way, I take things just as seriously but without worrying about it. I think and wonder and all that, but no more worries. In the words of Simba from the Lion King:

"Look, sometimes bad things happen, and there is nothing you can do about it, so why worry?"

Alright, psychology exam is over, it's out of the world, it's over and done with! For now.

I got the mp3 player today. Went to get it at the post office, it was wrapped in air in a big brown box, kinda hard to carry when wearing my light blue mittens, and at the same time doing my best to stay on my feet. I should have had my ice skates with me... Proabably wouldn't have gone any better but at least there's supposed to be ice under ice skates. There's not supposed to be slippery ice under your feet when you're walking up a hill.

For some reason this post doesn't feel right. It's weird. Awkward... I think I need to sleep...

Night night

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Exam day

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Question 22

Recognizing someone's voice when you hear it on the phone shows that you have a(n) ____ that person.

A) crush on
B) icon of
C) mental representation of
D) elaboration of

Yeah... I didn't know if I should tell you or not, but I think I have a crush on you. I've known for a while but it just seems silly... Whenever I hear your voice I immedeatly recognize it, and I love talking to you... so... I'll go for A.

Nooo! It's gotta be C!

Question 16

Because of censorship codes in the early years of motion pictures, directors could not show sexual activity on screen. Instead, they sometimes used metaphors for sex such as picturing a train going into a tunnel. If such content appeared in a dream, Freud would consider the content symptomatic of ____.

A) problem-solving
B) activation-synthesis
C) the brain's attempt to understand random neural content
D) wish fulfillment

How complicated...

Question 7:

A really jolly old guy just before and during Christmas Eve, Santa Claus becomes psychologically depressed every year during the dreary winter months at the North Pole. This really ticks off Mrs. Claus, who wants to hit the hot beaches of Rio during February. Santa's mood does improve after the winter months. His wife convinces Santa to visit Dr. Jack Frost, who believes that Santa likely suffers from a cyclic condition called ____.

B) apnea
C) REM-sleep behavior disorder

Can't say psychology isn't interesting!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Days fly by

My first exam is in two days and I'm trying my best to read. Okay, that's not completely true... I'M WELL AWARE OF THE FACT THAT I SHOULD BE trying my best to read. There, that's better.

Yesterday I went to look at the gingerbread city they put up in the city here. Took some pictures, finally got around to changing the settings on my camera so it doesn't take so long to take the photos. When it's dark it makes everything blurry if I don't hold it perfectly still while it gathers enough light. Pictures still turned out kinda blurry though...

I'm also trying to find something to get my mother for her birthday on the 29th... She doesn't want anything so I don't have a clue what to get her...

Finally got around to buying the mp3 player, ended up choosing the Zen Touch.

Winter has really come now. I was going to the library on Friday, but it closed one minute before I got there :( I had my camera with me and it was just so incredibly beautiful outside, I decided to go for a walk. Took some pictures (don't know how long they'll stay) it's amazing how the snow makes everything look different and also how the colours change. Oh, don't forget about my appleshots!

And the capital of Venezuela is actually Caracas...
Who could have known?

Friday, November 19, 2004


A guy on Skype just asked me if I wanted to see something weird on the net. He had called me and I told him I was just surfing. I asked him what he meant, and he asked me what I felt about the beheadings in Iraq. I said thought it was horrible, obviously. He proceeded to ask me if I would like to watch someone get beheaded.

Now, I'm not saying that it's normal or abnormal or anything (don't like those words) to want to watch someone get their head chopped off. When they talk about it on the news I always wonder why we never get to see it actually happen, although I understand, and appriciate, the fact that they cut the clip where they do. Wouldn't it be a little exciting to see? Isn't that usually how we react? I can't see it so I want to see. I can't do it so I want to do it.

My initial reaction to his question, did I want to watch it, was "why do you think I would want to?". I was actually surprised at myself how repulsive that thought was at that moment. I told the guy that seeing someone get killed really wasn't on the top of my list of things to see right now.

Who would want to see a person get killed? Some people are in positions that force them to witness such acts of violence, but why would someone choose to see it?

I can't blame anyone for wanting to watch. I just sit at home, all safe and comfy, and I hear about what's going on out there. I watch the news, I read the reports. It does shake me. Every time. But watching something 'real' might shake me a little more. And then there's always the attraction toward what is 'forbidden'. Whether it's a hurricane or a fire, it's exciting and it makes people sit on the edge of their chair for a couple of days. It makes us look up and out for a while. It's exciting.

But at the same time, at least for me, I just felt I have more respect for a human life, and death, than for it to become some sort of entertainment. Watching someone die. I have the choice. Why would I say yes?

It's snowing in Norway. It's pink outside, tiny snowflakes landing softly on the ground, covering the city in a white blanket. I love walking outside at home when the weather is like this. It's just one of those things you won't understand until you've experienced it. It's peace. It's beauty. At its very very best.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Due to my love for my camera and the world around me, I've found it necessary to start another blog where I'll post photos of whatever is going on. It's called appleshots and there won't be much to it, just a few pictures every now and then.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The first snow

This morning the mountains were white.
Winter has come, the snow is here.

No snow down here yet though. We've had wind and rain and hail, lots of hail, the past days, but hopefully the snow will come further down the mountains soon. I can see it from my window, I can see it, but I want to touch it too. See the pink light outside when it's snowing, standing under a lamp post, looking up, feeling the snow flakes land on my face.

I feel strange... I feel... angry. That's weird, I have nothing to be angry about. Oh well, I'm sure I'll just piss some more people off, I seem to be doing good at that.

I gotta get outta here

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More water

We can drink our water!

Yesterday I was looking around the net for info on where we get our water from. After using a new search function the city started up yesterday, in the online map of the city, I found that our water doesn't come from Svartediket, where the Giardia Lambli is, but from a smaller place called Espeland. This morning I called the number we're told to call if we're wondering...

"I live at ... and I'm wondering if we can drink our water?"
"What's your address?"
"Yes, you can drink your water."

How great is that?
Not gonna go crazy drinking the water though, better take it easy, get used to it, too much water in your system can be dangerous. Might turn into a cucumber. Or a melon.

Won't be drinking water at the gym though, they're dropping like flies on the other side of the bridge (no, they're not dying dropping, they're just glued to the toilet...)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

But... what... on sex and love

"Sex and love are two entirely different things.
Men, it seems, understand this much better than women.
Women have a tendency to associate the two much more closely."

Is this true?
Have I got it all wrong?

Thanks to Lee for letting me post this.


What is the difference between infatuation and being in love? I thought those two were the same, and that love was the thing above the two of them. Maybe in love and love is the same?

I've always thought that the feeling of being in love disappears after a while, and is replaced by love. Maybe it's been infatuation I've meant all along, if in love and love are the same...

What do you think?

The essence of love begins when infatuation ends.

Chapter 11: Personality

On a hot summer evening in 1966, a University of Texas student wrote the following letter:

  • I don't really understand myself these days. I am supposed to be an average, reasonable, and intelligent young man. However, lately (I can't recall when it started) I have been the victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts. These thoughts constantly recur, and it requires a tremendous mental effort to concentrate on useful and progressive tasks. In March when my parents made a physical break I noticed a great deal of stress. I consulted a Dr. Cochrum at the University Health Center and asked him to recommend someone that I could consult with about some psychiatric disorders I felt I had. I talked with a doctor once for about two hours and tried to convey to him my fears that I felt overcome by overwhelming violent impulses. After one session I never saw the doctor again, and since then I have been fighting my mental turmoil alone, and seemingly to no avail. After my death I wish that an autopsy would be performed on me to see if there is any visible physical disorder. I have had some tremendous headaches in the past and have consumed two large bottles of Excedrin in the past three months. (Lavergne, 1997, p. 8)

Later that night Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother, both of whom were lovingly supportive of him. The next morning he carried a high-powered hunting rifle to the top of a 307-foot tower on the busy University of Texas campus in Austin and opened fire on all those passing by below. Within 90 horrifying minutes he killed 16 people and wounded 30 others before he himself was killed by police.

(Passer and Smith, 2004, p. 419)

Things from TV

A few things I've seen on TV the last month or so, and decided I had to write down.

My big fat obnoxious fiancee
"A mother is only as happy as her saddest child"

According to Jim
Andy: "How do you sleep at night?"
Jim: "In the nude, with your sister."

Making Space
Family getting help making space in their house, they have the rooms, but too much mess. The two children (twins 3 1/2 years) have slept in their parents' bedroom all their lives. --- Three and a half years??? What about privacy? What about if the parents wanna, well, do what caused the kids to get there in the first place? Kitchen tables are useful, but surely there must be a limit to how much they can take...

Mythbusters (Discovery)
It has finally been proved that you get wetter by running in the rain, than by walking. Same distance, same amount of water. Don't run!

They tried making bullets out of different materials and found out that some materials (or powder in the bullets) have more 'stay-in-theredness' than others.

Forensic Detectives (Discovery)
Guy from Graham, Texas had been killed, the story of how they found out who did it. People he knew said he was a nice guy, he was like everyone else, always wore a hat, always wore big boots. --- Oh, I wanna live somewhere you're not normal if you're not wearing a cowboy hat!

Fornemmelse for mord (Norwegian show)
A woman commited suicide five years ago. What's strange about it? She did it in the freezer. Then afterwards she put a box on top of it.

Dharma & Greg
Kitty: "Don't worry, I have enough money to get away with one murder."

Woman: "The theme was 'under the sea' and I was drowning in loneliness."

Planet of the Apes
"Their ingenuity goes hand in hand with their cruelty" (about the humans)

Amish in the city
City-girl: "Milk is cow puss. It gets inside your body and makes you sick."

Same city-girl, whispering: "Those are chicken abortions" (about eggs)

Monday, November 08, 2004

My aunt - a doc

Yesterday my aunt called me. She's my mum's youngest sister, and she lives here in Bergen. She invited me to some sort of do because she has just finished her work for her PhD in psychology. In the beginning of December there will be a formal thing where professors and people are going to ask her critical questions concerning her work. Then she will have a dinner for family, friends and people who have helped her.

I won't know anyone there except her and her boyfriend, and my cousin and his wife. Our relatives, my mother's family, don't travel much, they stay up north, close to home. My mum has 5 brother and 4 sisters, and 6 of them still live within an hour of where they were born. Only two boys settled down even further north, and my mum and my aunt went south.

Anyways, my aunt said I might be able to understand what it's all about a little better than many of the others, she's a doctor in psychology now (yay!), and I'm studying the subject myself. High hopes for me here... It's December 3rd, I think, and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. She really 'underlined' the part about it being a formal thing on the phone, probably worried I'll show up in my green mini skirt or something.

My aunt has finished her studies (no one really knew she was still studying) and now she's a doctor! I'm proud of her!

Heia Brann, Heia Brann!

I just got home after welcoming back the city's football team Brann (or soccer if you like). They were playing the cup finals against Oslo team Lyn today, ang guess what? They won!! This city loves their team, as they should, and the city is boiling. Apparantly the team hasn't won much for a while, and now they got gold! They put up a stage, and I could hear people singing when I got up the hill on the other side of the bridge. Someone was playing, everything was red and white. I'm not very tall, but I'm kinda... invisible, so after standing in the back for a while, I tried to find a way to the front. I got almost all the way there, but there were still lots of tall people in front of me.

The team was a little late coming back, but when they finally came on stage, the crowd exploded. The team song was sung over and over (I don't know it, didn't understand much today either..) and they came on stage one by one. The two last ones were the captains, carrying the trophy. I didn't see any of this, I just saw some heads up there, but I don't know who they belonged to.

It was raining a little, as it always does, but it wasn't like anyone could notice. Tiny little drops blowing in the wind, almost like teeny tiny snowflakes. It didn't really rain... it snowed rain.

I think I lost a friend tonight. He didn't much like reading my blog, had to almost force him to do it just once, so I'm sure he doesn't mind me writing about him. Now.. lost a friend. We've known each other for almost a year and there was something about him that set him apart from everyone else. Always nice, apart from when he got a little quiet or jumped at something, then apologizing afterwards. Talking about life or his parrots. Always timing my toilet breaks. Always putting Aussie words into sentences so I wouldn't understand them. I just noticed that I've started using 'okie' instead of 'ok'. He even showed me an x-ray of his back!

But... apparantly I told him he's mysterious, and he said I was judging him. Now he thinks things have changed, that they'll never be the same, and we better say goodbye.

But (again)... no. It doesn't work that way. It's not going to work that way. A friend is a friend, and you don't give up on them.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Water update

  • At the gym today we were told that many classes or groups will be canceled the coming week. Many instructors are ill, they've caught the stomach bug, and they haven't been able to replace all of them.
  • I haven't heard of anyone being sick in this building I live in, it's brand new so we might get our water from somewhere else.
  • Could this mean that those who drink the water on the other side of the bridge, where the gym is, are more likely to catch it than those of us on this side?

  • There is a list on the net with the names of the streets that get their water from Svartediket, where the Giardia Lamblia parasite is coming from. We're not on that list.
  • On the map showing which areas get water from Svartediket, we're just on the line between purple and white, impossible to see which side we are on on this map.
  • Could the reason we're not on the list and on the map be the fact that this building isn't on many new maps yet? But wouldn't this street still be on the list if that was the reason?

  • The official pages of the city of Bergen write that about 30,000 people/businesses have been told to boil the water before they drink it, or even before using it when brushing their teeth. We have not recieved any notice like that. Could that be because SiB (the student organization which owns this building) has recieved the message but not told us yet, or could it be because we get our water from somewhere else? Hopefully it is the one or the other, someone has to know where we all get our water from.

What I am doing...
  • Not going to drink the water at the gym because they definitely have the little friend (Giardia Lamblia - my new friend inside of me) in their water.
  • Not drinking water here, at least not much, might boil some later.
  • Boil water to brush my teeth? What, are you crazy?? Not gonna do that one...
  • Trying to find out where we get our water from
  • Thinking how lucky we are to actually have clean water most of the time, wondering what it would be like to live somewhere where this wouldn't be a small crisis, somewhere that water comes from a dirty river or a stream.
  • Realizing I shouldn't be taking things for granted.

Comme une image

Feel good film in French. Well it wasn't really, but it was anyway. I really liked it.

But... It did remind me of what French guys are like. I didn't realize until now that... French guys are cute. That they are, no doubt. But there's just this whole...thing. Like... being sensitive... like slow movements, looking into your eyes. Touching you, saying "it's okay" or just holding their hand on your back. Watch this film and you'll know what I'm talking about, you don't see this in films from any other countries. I noticed it when I was in France, but it didn't really strike me until today. Made me feel uncomfortable at first, and I realized it made me uncomfortable back then as well.

Maybe it's not just French guys that make me feel uncomfortable? But they sure do act different from other guys. Not to generalize, they're as different as anyone, but I guess it's a cultural thing. Cultural differences.

Could be that it's intimacy in any way that makes me feel uncomfortable. I haven't really ever been close to anyone and maybe I just instinctively pull away. I.. I just remembered that I wrote here not long ago that 'some people you just instinctively trust'. That's strange, because I can trust people, just not their feelings, not their instincts. I can't even tell someone I love talking to them, what's that all about?

Wonder why I am like this. I wonder why it started. I wonder if I'll ever change.
You never know - anything can happen.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Touching upon the subject of arranged marriage with a guy from Pakistan. When he says it is this way (men are able to marry several women, while women can only have one husband) because religion says so, I say that 'religion sucks'. The answer I got was:

"not really
it has its own logics

well women were made for men
just to save the imbiguities of life religion made this rule"

Strange words from a smart guy, thanks to Asif for letting me post this.


Ok, so maybe it wasn't love after all. The nice one was heavier and bigger than it looked, and the other one was smaller and prettier than it seemed. Should I go for an even smaller one? I don't need that much capacity, and it's not really convenient with such a big one...

Does size matter? I mean, small can be good, but is it better with a big one? Will it be better that way? But a small one is easier to sorta... bring with you. More discreet. Will the big ones get a lot smaller after a couple of years? I don't want all of them to shrink when I'm stuck with a big one.

So which one is it? Muvo2 or Zen Touch?
Muvo is small and nice
Zen is bigger but more elegant


Apart from that... it's been snowing at home. Last night. But it didn't melt during the day. I can't wait till we get snow here aswell, we had 5 degrees and a clear blue sky today.

I just ordered a ticket to go to the movies, it's 'The big cinema day' today. I'll be seeing "Comme une image", just one little problem... I don't know where the cinema is...

I've fallen in love!

I've been planning on buying this MP3 player, and I had decided I'd do it this weekend. Then yesterday my brother popped up on MSN and asked me if I had a limit to how much I would spend... He'd found another one that looked good, with four times the storage capacity, and it's not very much more expensive.

Now, falling in love with an MP3 player is not something one would ordinarily do, but if you saw this one you'd know why. It's white-silver like, it's got straight lines, it's elegant and beautiful... See, this is my materialistic side shining through... But it really is beautiful. See for yourself

Here is the first one I was thinking of buying:

And this is the one I'm planning to buy now:

But, as usual, I can't make up my mind about anything (there's a reason I'm a libra, I'm sure), so I'm just headed out to check out the four shops that sell products from Creative, hoping one of them has this one (and I also hope they haven't closed yet, 3:30 on a Saturday usually means closing time in this town).

It is cute though, isn't it? The Zen Touch?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Don't drink the water!

Have you heard of Giardia Lamblia?
We certainly have.
  • Six weeks ago, our water was getting kinda yellow. No reason to worry. It's a new building, all kinds of things have to be adjusted, and I don't think anyone thought much about it.
  • Four weeks ago, I had stomach cramps like crazy one night. I blamed the egg I had earlier that day, fried egg, but it was a little... running...
  • Three weeks ago, I heard on the radio that some kind of sewer pipe had leaked into the drinking water. But there was no reason to worry, it was just a little bit...
  • One week ago, the water started getting even more yellow. The last few days, it looks like we've washed the dishes before we've even put them in the water. One girl had put some water in the fridge, and when she was taking the bottle out a few days later, there were yucky things at the bottom.

Giardia Lamblia is a parasite that causes diahorrea. It's in our water, and it's not supposed to be there. According to public officials, it's coming from the water source in the center of the city. We're recommended not to drink tap water until they know for sure where it's coming from, and they know what to do about it. We should drink other things, like bottled water, or boil the water first.

A lot of people have been going to the doctors with diahorrea and stomach aches, and the first came in four weeks ago. Which, naturally, makes me wonder if that's what I had that night; unlikely because it's natural for humans to link their symptoms to more serious things, I rarely have symptoms of any kind, which is why I don't worry much about it. But, if that was from the water, since eggs can be mixed in like drinks and things raw, then maybe I've had the reaction, and it won't come again?

One of my roomies put up a "Don't drink the water!" post-it above the tap on the kitchen, and I think I'm going to be smart and not experiment and see what can and will happen, like I usually would. Exams are coming up in three weeks, and I don't want to have to run to the toilet every five minutes. Wouldn't be able to anyway. We're like right next to the source for the water with the..what's it called... the parasite, and people around here have been getting sick more than other places. Not gonna completely stop drinking water though, if you cut all kind of contact with anything that isn't completely 'clean', then you'll never be able to manage out in the world.

Oh, and it's raining. Football practice (or soccer as some call it) for the city's team was stopped because of the 'ufyselige regnværet'. Funny word... ufyselig... means something like horrible or yucky, 'regnvær' being 'rain weather', rainy weather. - Beware if someone calls you 'ufyselig'. It's a funny word, but doesn't have a funny meaning.

Rain rain rain... They say today we're having
"The kind of rain you only get in the city between the seven mountains"

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The day after

So... who won?
I think Ohio is green.
And Bush won.

Congratulations to him
He'll have another four years
Let's see what he will do this time

Election Day VII

Ohio changing?
Ohio purple?

Election Day VI

Alaska went red too.

Election Day V

Ohio went red...
I'm not liking this...

Election Day IV

Fascinating stuff is apparantly happening in Pennsylvania. Polls are being kept open an hour and a half longer because the queues of people wanting to vote are so long. That's great!

There's a guy on CNN that reminds me of Andy Rooney...

CNN Projection:
Bush 102 - 77 Kerry

Election Day III

The first polls have closed!

Election Day II


CNN and rayray are confusing me!

What are "Popular and Electoral votes"??
I need to figure this out...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

For some reason, I'm kinda exited about the whole thing. Just sitting on my bed reading, watching TV, room all warm (in any which way my room ever gets warm without it being hard to breathe in here), knowing I'll stay up all night waiting for the results... plus I have a presentation to write for tomorrow...

I stumbled across Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country" at the library today. I figured today was a good day to start reading it. But then I thought I needed something to put on the other side of the balance, so to speak... I noticed Bob Woodward's "Bush At War", and I don't have a clue whether that's a book that supports the Democratic or the Republican views, so I just brought that one with me aswell.

Up until now, I never really thought Kerry could win. Or rather, I don't think Bush can lose. But now... I'm starting to hope, I guess.

I'm watching CNN (I know, I know, communistic bs, but I don't have the Foxes here), this is the prediction;

They / We can wake up tomorrow to one of three scenarios;
Bush wins,
Kerry wins,
Or we we won't know until the lawyers have decided.

Monday, November 01, 2004

We have elections too!

Student council elections are held Tuesday and Wednesday. Last year, 10.9% of the students at the University voted, I wasn't here then, and I'm planning to use my vote this year. Just checking out the parties, there are 17 representatives on the council, coming from five different parties, and they are as follows, number of current representatives in parenthesis:

The Entrepreneur List (4)

The Moderat List (3)

The Social Democratic List (7)

The Green List (2)

The MacGyver List (1)

...gotta give em a point for being creative :)

I don't know who I'll vote for... Probably the social democrats, but... I'm not sure, will have to read a little bit more about them before I decide... Not that it matters much, but it's my right and my privilege to vote. So I will, no doubt about that.


It's November! It's November!

I want snow...

I need snow...

I never need anything (or so I say), but during winter,
I need snow. Can't live in Norway without snow, can you?