Friday, April 29, 2005

Now it has come.

It is mainly about the light.
It comes late,
but now it has come.

- The Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson
talking about depression and alcoholism in winter


There were two ducks next to the building on a grass/dirt patch, messed up from the building-the-building last year. Two ducks. A she duck and a he duck. Or drake, isn't it?

I wonder what they were doing up here...
We only have seagulls and big black birds.

All-time largest junk email

From: Pat Gagne
Size: 344kb

Earlier today I got four identical emails, each weighing 288kb. I have to delete the junk three times a day for Hotmail not to close me down. I know, I know, Hotmail sucks. But it's right there on my MSN so it's easy. And I know, I know, don't give your address out and don't sign up for things. And I don't, it just comes in waves and we seem to be in the middle of one now.

I just hope it stops.

I can't even think of a title for this post

Bush was brought downstairs because there was something strange in the sky. It was a cloud. That acted unnatural.

A cloud. That acted unnatural.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Excuse me for being sick

I could give you all the yucky details but I think it's enough to say that I've been sick. I thought it was a cold, then I thought it was the flu, then I just didn't get better so I went to see the doc. I got penicillin but it didn't work. I went back to see the doc one week later, again I had to wait for four hours, new doc, new meds. And he even listened when I told him about my horrible cough. Three $10-a-piece pills later, I was out of bed.

More than two weeks of being sick is more than I can handle. I felt completely helpless and I even had to take medicine... But now it's over, pretty much, and I have books to read and people to yell at (only on here though, I'm much too nice to yell at people in real life). I'm completely dehydrated and the windows are open. It's been sunny and warm for two and a half weeks, I've only seen it through the window but now I can go outside too!

I miss grass... Cities don't have much grass.
Home has grass everywhere. I miss home.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Apples on drugs

I got sick Sunday. A week later, last Saturday, I got myself down to the medical centre to see a doctor. I was told on the phone there wasn't much people so I shouldn't have to wait long at all. I said "Great, so no three hour waiting then?", remembering all those tv shows and movies where people sit for hours waiting. "Oh no" the woman on the phone replied, "then we'd have to get in a busload of patients."

Well, apparantly the bus came cuz I waited for 3 hours and 45 minutes. I was sitting right in front of the door where people went in so it's not like they could have called me up and I just didn't hear. Then people who had arrived hours later than me started getting called up. I'm fine with people with sick kids getting in first (which they didn't) and people who are in pain should be sent in as soon as they come. But when you come two and a half hour after me, you're my age, you don't look sick, you don't sound sick, you're walking around with your two plastic bags of bottles from the liquer store, only getting the doctor's visit out of your way before you go home and get ready for tonight's party, and you get in after barely one hour of waiting, then it's not fine.

Anyway, I went into the room where they all went when their names were called. Not because they called my name, but because I started thinking they really must have called my name, no one had been there as long as I had. They looked at their computer and went "Umm... we were... uhh... just about to call you, let's see if we have a vacant room, hey, can you take her into room 1, do you have the paper they gave you when you came?"

I waited for another 10 minutes, then the doctor came, looked into my ears and nose, I had a fever but not too bad, I told him how I'd thought it was just a cold or the flu but then when I thought it was going away, it just came coming back. He said I had a sinus infection and I got a prescription for penicillin. Both the doc and the lady at the pharmacy said I should feel better after 2-3 days but it was very important I finished all the pills anyway. That was Saturday, now it's Thursday and I'm not feeling better. I've called them and they said give it time and drink a lot.

I'm not a good sick person. I hate being sick. I've lost my bounce. I can't remember the last time I took medicine... I remember we had penicillin when I was a kid, in a bottle, yucky tasting white goo - the worst thing I've ever had... I must have been 5-6 then. This is the weirdest 'sick' I've experienced though. Usually, when I have a cold, I just want it to go away and I fight it with everything I got. But now I just feel hopeless and helpless and even if I'd want to do something, I wouldn't be able to.

And the fire alarm has been going dooooaaaahdooooaaaah for so long now, it's actually changed its sound to doodooaaaahdoodooaaaah - two doos for every aaah.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bad day

I sneezed last night. Nothing scary there, only it feels like I sneezed open a big wound deep down in my throat. I read a bit before I went to bed, it was warm inside so I opened the window for an hour. They don't open much and only on top so I decided it would be alright. Apparantly it wasn't, I woke up with a sore throat, a runny nose and my contacts still in my eyes.

Someone knocked on my door this morning when I just wanted to sleep. It was one of my roommates but I don't know what she wanted cuz I just rolled around in bed. I later found out the bucket and the floor washing... thing in the bathroom was gone so I assume she had decided to clean something. Maybe I've set a good example for the first time ever!

After a lot of rolling around, a bit of reading, a lot of dreaming and a bit of thinking, I decided to get up. My roommate and her boyfriend had left, I decided to make dinner. Everything ready, I put the oven on. It took a long time to warm up so I looked inside. I don't remember what I saw but it was enough for me to open the door and out came a massive wave of smoke. I threw the door shut, opened the veranda door and took off the thing that is in front of the fan above the stove.

I opened the oven door again and the smoke came towards me. I couldn't keep it open as I live in a building where frying an egg can set the fire alarm off, in which case it would go dooooaaaahdooooaaaah in the entire building for half an hour. I managed to leave it open a crack while the smoke went up into the fan, both from the oven and from the rest of the room. I looked inside to see if there was something in there.

What did I see? A pool of something that looked like oil. Like olive oil. It was all over the bottom of the oven and that was what caused all the smoke. "What a wonderful day..." I said to myself as I got down on the floor with loads of kitchen roll, dizzy as I was (my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton), and started mopping up the oil-like substance. It did not smell good, it did not look good and it was not too easy. I'm not in the habit of mopping up burning-hot oil from the inside of warm ovens.

But I did it and I put in the pizza. I was supposed to make it last night when my roommate (not the one who might have cleaned her room) had decided to have a romantic dinner with a potential boyfriend. They were whispering sweet nothings to each other and I found it best to give them a little privacy.

Then I had a shower and felt almost alright for the first time today.

I hope I'm not sick... Surely a sore throat, a runny nose, a head full of cotton, pains in my neck and shoulders, eyes and ears, being warm but feeling like I'm freezing does not constitute 'sick'. Or 'ill'. Or 'having a cold'. Does it?

I hate sick. It makes me feel powerless. Mind over matter, that's what I believe in, but when the matter has decided it wants to be goo for a few days, that just sucks. Lots of fluid isn't that what they say? I'm just worried the cotton will expand and my head will explode.

I think I'll take my chances with some warm milk and honey though. Can't go wrong with warm milk and honey.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Now I smell like mandarin, papaya, star fruit, rose sandelwood, peach, raspberry and wild berries.

Cleaning day

How I know students don't clean their rooms too often:

It's Saturday and I decided I couldn't live in this room one more day until I'd got all the dust bunnies out, washed the floors, changed the sheets - basically until I'd cleaned it up. I prefer being in clean places. That, however, doesn't mean I clean my room often. Or so I thought.

I'd just finished, had done the bathroom I share with one my roommates aswell, when Stine (another roommate) and her boyfriend came in. I just heard the door but I knew it was her and five seconds later I heard;
"Hey Anne... that smell... we don't smell that a lot... It smells great!"

Somewhat surprised, I replied;

"Yeah... I'm just cleaning my room."
"Wow, [name of whatever you put in the bucket in addition to water when you clean the floors]"
"Umm... yeah... I cleaned the bathroom, smells much stronger in there, I better open the window."

I opened the window.

When we clean our rooms it must smell all over the apartment. We talk about how we can walk down the hallway and smell what everyone on the different floors are having for dinner - the air take a lot of time to leave the building, we've complained but nothing happens. I suddenly realized that I'd never smelled any kind of cleaning... stuff here ever before. Does that mean no one cleans their rooms? The broom seems to be used a little though...

Considering my roommate's reaction, I think the answer might be yes, at least not too often. She could have been suprised that I was cleaning my room, but I don't see why that should be surprising in and of itself... I guess many just sweep but I don't feel it's clean unless it's been washed and smells clean.

I, however, do not smell clean. I've cleaned and washed and been to the stores that are far away and bought new herbs (lemon balm and mint) since the others (another lemon balm and a basil plant) died during Easter. And I went to the store here too. And I've taken out lots of trash, I've put a wash on and managed to break another glass (don't ever let me near your good china). I've cleaned the mirror and the toilet (yuck), the sink and my red crystal ball.

I'm gonna have a shower. My hair smells horrible so I'm gonna wash it twice till it smells like flowers. And I'm not gonna forget the conditioner this time, otherwise I won't be able to comb it. I'll use my pink shower gel and I'll foam it up. Then I'll find a yummy smelling body lotion and clean clothes. While my hair dries I'll make pizza (no half made stuff around here, gotta start from scratch) and tonight I'm gonna do absolutely nothing.

Wanna come?

Viagra in the junk

They're doubling the size of their junk mail!

The past months my hotmail (yes, I still use hotmail) has been filled up with 131kb-sized junk in my junk mail. It only takes a few of them to fill up the vacant 50% in there.

Now, however, they've doubled the sizes. Today I've got two of 270kb and one of 286kb. The last one is, quite fittingly, from something called 'MonsterSized - Herbal Formula For Men'. I'm afraid they want to 'monstersize' other things than my junk mail box...

The other two are viagra ads.
I don't want viagra.
I don't need viagra.
I'm a girl!

And even if it was viagra for women...
- how many 20 year olds do you think need viagra?

Wonderous Winds

Today the wind came inside. The door to the veranda next to the elevator on my floor blew open when I walked past it. Just like that. The wind kept moving it back and forth, opening it, almost closing it before opening it wide again. And it's a heavy door.

Walking down the stairs, I felt the wind three floors down. On the first floor there were papers scattered everywhere. They don't put advertisements in our post so someone puts them next to our post boxes and we can pick them up if we want to. They were all over the place.

Outside, I nearly blew away like a leaf left from autumn, clinging to a branch all winter only to be whisked away by the snow-filled winds of spring.


Friday, April 08, 2005

Wet winds

Does anybody remember if there were snow on the mountains yesterday?
There's snow on the mountains today.

The wind has been howling all night.

There was wet sleet.
Now there's wet snow.
And wet me.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Did spring just run away?

Oh my gosh it's hailing!
But it's spring!

Summer job

I've been trying to register on this page for a while. I need a summer job to cover my rent this summer and there is one page where all vacant jobs in the country are supposed to be registered. It just doesn't seem to work.

The first time I tried it just wouldn't let me in.
The second time I tried they said I can't do it between 11pm and 7am (and I was doing it in the evening)
The third time I tried I kept getting "can't find server".

Then today I finally managed to register. Now I need to make a resume. Only the course I took in high school, Allmenne, økonomiske og administrative fag (General subjects, economy and administration), doesn't seem to exist. They do have "General subjects, society and language subjects" and "Economy and administration". What I studied doesn't seem to exist on this page.

I figured I'd finish it later and just did a quick search to see whether there are any summer jobs here. Two out of three times, it just doesn't work. And when it does work, it stops for a while, and then there's nothing there.

It doesn't seem like I'm meant to get a job here...

Student seeking work

Do you have a summer job for me? I'll do pretty much anything and I can stay throughout June and July. I don't have much work experience but I always try to do my very best. I'll work day or night, morning or evening, as long as we have some sort of schedule.

Send me a message if you're interested.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Twelve Angry Men

I read Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose today.

Get it.
Read it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Wedding dress from Beijing

When I get married (which is never), I'll be wearing this dress. Including the red lights and everything. Would have to cut some off some of those things sticking out in the front though.

And I just love those shoes! Forget the wedding, I'll just have the shoes. My legs might be too short and they might look funny but aren't they pretty??

Fashion in Milano

Too revealing? by Dirk Bikkemberg

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Module 19: Many Hands Make Diminished Responsibility

How many pickles could a pickle packer pack if pickle packers were only paid for properly packed pickles?

From my 'Exploring Social Psychology'
text book by David G. Myers.


My sister is standing on the garage roof, chanting

"I is the queen of the USA"

Then she starts bleating.


Further comments unnecessary.


I woke up this morning with a bump on my head.

Last night I was lying on my bed, listening to music, deciding whether I should go to sleep or not. I hadn't taken my clothes off and the computer was still on.

When I woke up, I was wearing my nightie, the computer was off and unplugged, my contacts were still in my eyes, the light on my bedside table was on and I had a bump reaching from above and behind my left ear down to my neck. I just can't figure out what I might have bumped into to leave a bump there.

I also don't remember putting on my nightie or turning off my computer. While lying in bed this morning I started remembering, although I might just be creating memories, of taking my clothes off but I can't remember when... I woke up at 8:30 and then they were off - I don't remember being up before that. I still can't understand how and when I turned off the computer.

This has happened a few times lately - it's like I'm in a trance, kinda like sleepwalking. Maybe that's what I'm doing, at least it would explain why I don't remember anything. Doesn't explain the bump though.

April Fools

Please disregard my two previous posts April and Passport trouble as they were complete and utter nonsense.

Honestly, can you see me as a nun?

April 1st this year did kinda suck though. When I was going to bed Thursday night I remembered "shit, it's the 1st of April tomorrow!". Last year I rigged the whole house, this year my sister was worried I'd do that again. I didn't get to plan anything so I didn't fool anyone. (Apart from two guys on MSN, one I've talked to for ages, who actually believed I was going to go find religion and become a nun.)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Passport trouble

I got a letter from the county (sorta like US state) in the post saying I am to hand in my passport. You have to use it this or that often to be able to have one, and since they never check passports when I went to France and we didn't even need to show them when we went to the Canaries, they now think I don't travel, and they want it back.

This isn't good... I'll have to try and tell them that I really do travel but since I haven't been registered leaving the country since... forever, that might be hard to do. It's not even my fault they don't check or scan passports in airports, if they had done their job, I wouldn't have to deal with this.


I need to send my application to the Uni before April 15th. That's two weeks from now. I've had a list of things I could study, three years and I'll get a bachelor then I decide if I want to go for a masters degree. It's hard trying to decide what you want to do and I can't see myself in a typical 'job' as such... I put this list out here a while ago and after thinking about it, I've now decided that I'm going go for Bachelorprogram i mellomalderstudiar - Bachelor degree in medieval studies.

Where it will take me, I don't know... The next three years seem pretty clear cut - one year in Norway, then one in Germany and probably Slovenia, and the last year back in Norway. It'll be a lot of hard work - not much vacation the next three years.

I don't know much about history so going back to medieval times might be a good idea. Help me see the world through the eyes of those who lived before us, maybe I can understand why it is the way it is today. I always thought life would take me away from here but life doesn't always take us where we want to go. Some dreams are just that - dreams. At least I'll see Eastern Europe :)

I've also started looking for something.... more. A higher meaning, religion, God, call it what you want. I want a quiet life and this world doesn't seem to offer it. I've realized I've made a mistake and I need to leave for a while, I need to go join others who feel the way I do. Maybe I should become a nun... the thought has crossed my mind.

It's a strange day today.