Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sandman says...

ok question

i just biked home

with my underwaer in my hands

is that a sign that a party was good?

gotta love a drunk boy...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Thong Trouble for McDonald's

The woman was about to order her lunch at a MacDonald's restaurant in the Swedish city of Karlstad, when the employee about to take her order bent down behind the counter, revealing a thong. The costumer was appalled and has now lodged a complaint against the fast food restaurant.

The Swedish FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who recieved the complaint say they have never encountered anything like this. "[What type of underwear one wears] is a matter of preference, I can't see how this could be a matter of hygiene" says FDA inspector Lena Bergman-Bokvist. She has never before heard of a complaint like this.

MacDonald's Sweden apologize for the incident.

Susanna Hörnfeldt, spokesperson for MacDonald's Sweden says they have strickt rules for dresses and trousers worn by their employees. They even have rules for shirts and how many buttons are allowed to be open - which is one. They have never before recieved a complaint about any aspect of their dress code.

Admittedly, the chain does not have specific rules regarding the underwear of their staff.

See people? The only way to go is naked! There's nothing but trouble when you wear underwear! I say let's fry the fries and burn the burgers the way mother nature intended!

- You want me to supersize that heart attack for you?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shopping nude?

I am a girl, therefore I shop.

Maybe I should make it woman. I am a woman. Technically.... But I don't wanna... I should.. Maybe...

I am female, therefore I shop!

I have seen the inside of a few shops the past month, although I have to admit it's only fun if I find something I like, so if I go through two shops and find nothing, I'm bored. Lately I have found things I've liked, therefore I've had fun shopping!

(I assume you understood I meant shopping for clothes...) When you shop for clothes you (read: girls) try the clothes on before you buy them. I've been doing a bit of that. Unfortunatly, other people have a nasty habit of popping their heads inside the dressing room as I am more or less dressed. Which is fine (kinda), I don't really mind too much anymore. I'm getting used to it.

What I do mind is when the girls (or women) get embarassed. And show it. I don't get embarrassed, I'm used to it. But why should they get embarrassed? All they did was see a half naked gi... female.

I was at shop today, I was trying on a skirt (which was on sale, is gorgeous and safely tied around my waist as we speak). A voice said... some name... and started moving the curtains apart. I said "No..", I smiled, "I think you got the wrong dressing room". What did she do? She started giggling. She found her friends and kept giggling for ten minutes. I don't like giggling girls.

What has the world come to if we're embarrassed to see an almost naked body? More embarrassed than others are to show it? We feel more comfortable putting on clothes than taking them off, being naked is unnatural and underwear is a must!

I say throw out the underwear! Let's show each other who we are and not hide behind layers of cotton and silk! Let's all be nude!

I might have to get used to that one... When I've walked across the floor,my new skirt's halfway down my butt...

Don't worry, I'm not dead yet!

If I were to write about everything I've done since last time, I'd postpone it until March. That's why I'm just gonna say I've been on holiday and came home from Trondheim two weeks ago.

Since then I've been to my cousin's wedding, the first I've ever been to.

Then I climbed a few mountains and basically just enjoyed the sunshine.

I'll try and put up a few pics of this, that and the other. I think I have some nice ones, I'm just too lazy to dig them out of their folders and explain what's in them.

I'll leave you with a pic of the kitten. The only word I need for her is "adorable".

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beautiful Trondheim

I was going to comment on how many stunning girls there are in Trondheim. Walking around some malls today, every single female I saw was absolutely gorgeous. Then again... girls in general do tend to be more attractive than guys in general, I don't understand exactly why it's like that, maybe guys just need to be inspired to find a mate, while girls can't be that picky when it comes to looks, they can just try and change what they don't like later.

That's what I was thinking. Then I turn around and realize this city is full of heartbreakingly gorgeous guys aswell. I don't usually say things like this but screw it... I saw this one guy standing in line with a girl in a shop. I swear he's the kind you think only exist in girls' dreams and never in real life. I experienced the rare sensation of feeling someone look at me without daring to lift my eyes to meet theirs. I did the first time, he looked at me again for a couple seconds and I just froze.

So there you have it. People here are beautiful. Whenever the next "Let's find out which Uni city has the most attractive girls" thing comes up (and they constantly do), I know what my answer will be.

Superficial? Me?

I guess it might sound like it. I see a person's beauty as I see that of a garden or a building. It's nice to look at but if there's nothing on the inside it's not very interesting.

(* Did I say 'gorgeous guys'? Maybe I should take that back, I don't think they like it. The last time I called a guy gorgeous he didn't like it much... Then again, I can't write gorgeous anymore without thinking about him. Maybe this is just my problem.)

Monday, July 10, 2006


Who the fuck gave my hotmail address out to a million spam-filter-proof spammers???

Hotmail used to catch everything, now I seem to be getting a month's worth of junk every day.

In other news, I'm in Trondheim - it's gorgeous in summer!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Summer has come, and with summer comes travelling.

Tomorrow we're going up north, to the island. First my father, sister and I, then my mum will join us in a week. My brother's off to Denmark for a music festival.

I realize being 21 and still going on holiday with my parents might get some warning sign flashing. The thing is this is a place we've gone almost every summer, I haven't seen my relatives up there for a while, even have a few cousins I haven't met. Plus going on holiday with my family isn't all that bad, they're pretty cool, except when they go all overprotective. I know they do it because they care but it's still rather frustrating.

Monday in a week I'll be coming back home while the family continues further north with an aunt, uncle and cousin. I'll be coming home by car, boat, bus, train, you name it. The only problem is I'll be stranded in Trondheim for a night. I'm considering making a poster advertising "will blow for a buck" but I'm worried even the people of Tr√łndelag would think that was going to far.

Either way, I'll be back in a week or two.
Be good, and remember to feed the cat.