Saturday, July 01, 2006


Summer has come, and with summer comes travelling.

Tomorrow we're going up north, to the island. First my father, sister and I, then my mum will join us in a week. My brother's off to Denmark for a music festival.

I realize being 21 and still going on holiday with my parents might get some warning sign flashing. The thing is this is a place we've gone almost every summer, I haven't seen my relatives up there for a while, even have a few cousins I haven't met. Plus going on holiday with my family isn't all that bad, they're pretty cool, except when they go all overprotective. I know they do it because they care but it's still rather frustrating.

Monday in a week I'll be coming back home while the family continues further north with an aunt, uncle and cousin. I'll be coming home by car, boat, bus, train, you name it. The only problem is I'll be stranded in Trondheim for a night. I'm considering making a poster advertising "will blow for a buck" but I'm worried even the people of Trøndelag would think that was going to far.

Either way, I'll be back in a week or two.
Be good, and remember to feed the cat.


  1. lemme see...I've got a buck....
    oh look another one!


  2. Anonymous8:30 PM

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  3. man you've got issues...


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