Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sex Facts

Random sex-facts courtesy of
Here goes!

Men get twice as horny during the summer than other times of year.

- not friggin possible!

Rats are able to have sex 20 times a day.
- so am I! Technically...

Two out of three Norwegian couples have sex every week during summer.
- and for those who don't, it's probably too hot.

Women in relationships want sex less than single women.
- makes sense: you always want what you can't have

Only about 50% of women want sex regularly after four years into a relationship.
- hoping never to experience that

One out of four women find men with a lot of money more sexy than other men.

- weeell.... I'm not sure if I can argue with that one...

The midnight sun in the north of Norway increases apetite for sex.
- the midnight sun is the same sun as the midday sun so... well, that's just logic..

Biologically, women would rather have sex with sweaty than with men right out of the shower. The reason is that sweat contains a hormone which makes women horny.
- But please guys, please wash downstairs first..!

Only 44% of us are completely satisfied with our sex lives, 60% think sex is a fun and important part of life.
- I'm impressed people are actually satisfied - we seem to have lost the ability to appreciate what we have these days.

More than half of us fantasize about money more often than about sex.
- proud to say I'm not part of that half..

Tall men more often have a partner, and, on average, gives their partner more orgasms than shorter men.
- as said in a documentary looking into human attraction and physical appearance: if you want to get laid, "guys, you don't have to be a gentlemen or wear the newest clothes - don't bother going to the gym, just be tall!"

Red headed women have more partners and more sex than other women.
- apparently men who see women with red hair immideatly think they're turned on. No clue why.

45% of readers own one or more sex toys.
- conservative readers?

Another 20% say they want one.
- you won't know how you ever manged without one.

50% of British workers say they've pictured their boss naked.
- people say that "if you're nervous about having to speak in front of a group of people, just picture them naked." - I find it more entertaining to picture people on the toilet. All red in the face, trying to squeeze out a big one. "Yiiiiiegghhh!!!"

Lipstick is said to have been invented in Egypt because the men wanted their women to have beautiful lips when performing oral sex.
- not sure how much I trust this one - I've always heard women invented lipstick because men are more attracted to youthful and full lips, which are more likely to be red. FYI, lips also turn redder when a person is turned on.

96% of men and 90% of women sometimes fantasize about sex with someone other than their partner.
- and the rest of them are lying.

30% of women admit to having faked an orgasm.
- see previous comment.

Men ejaculate, on average, 7200 times during their lives.
- from age 10 until 70, 60 years, that's 120 times a year - 3 times a week.

Most women say they would give up all forms of sex for 15 months, getting in return a brand new wardrobe.
- if I were single... sure! Wait a minute... what does 'all forms of sex' mean? If that means what I think it means, I wouldn't stand a chance. Never more than 4 days. I've tried. Several times.

People with allergies may experience a relief of their sufferings after sex.
- "honey, my throat itches, come give a blow job!"

An orgasm may help relieve pain because it increases your level of endorphins.

- old news.. still good news though.

British women most often fantasize about fire fighters (47%), soldiers (28%), business men (27%), doctors (26%) and football players (20%).

Interestingly, those numbers add up to 148%..

An hour of sex burns 360 calories.
- that's motivation right there. Guys should learn those numbers.

Sex can give women better looking hair and skin because it increases the production of oestrogen.
- again guys, just remember this, go dig up some facts and numbres, and casually share the info with your girlfriend some time.

40% of the British population say they would choose to be celibate - if that guaranteed them a life lasting 100 years.
- you have to live until you're a hundred and you don't get to have sex?? Where's the fun in that? (Either the people who answered yes were old, or they didn't think about the fact that no sex, most likely no children, no grandchildren, no one to care for, and who cares for you when you're 98 except your friends... who died when you were 82. Some life...). I'm immortal anyway.