Sunday, May 15, 2011

A pillow to save your face

I stumbled across this on It's called a 'Save My Face La Petite Satin Pillow Case' and has to be one of the most stupid things I've ever seen (and that's no small feat, I assure you). This warrants further investigations.

I go straight to the source -, and find this;
"The “Save My Face!”® Pillowette is a revolutionary beauty and health product for the 21st Century. It helps prevent wrinkling, improves nasal air flow that permits increased oxygenation of the body, eases aches and pains, and aids in cosmetic surgery recovery."
Not only that, it also "enhances the affects of expensive anti-aging facial creams and serums" and "prevents compression of skin tissues and muscles as well as Sinuses located in the face".

(note: I did not manipulate the font or amount of text set in bold to make it appear more stupid, though I understand why you might think so..)

How impressive is it that a piece of cloth can actually "enhance the affects of expensive anti-aging facial creams and serums"? And what's up with those "Sinuses"... and in what other places than the face does one normally find them? "Oh doctor, I can't move my leg!" "Yes, it appears you have a sinus infection."

For a company claiming to be located in California, I am not impressed.

Though I could be way off here - they do have special pillow doctors. And anyone knows a business with a pillow doctor is a business worth trusting!