Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Party time!

First party of the semester in the building was last/this night...

(... and I found this guy on the way back to my room)

The girl, who is responsible for most things happening here (and who is employed by the student organization) told me her responsibilities are about to be handed over to me, because the organization needs to save money. Why this saves them money is this: she is a 'husvert' and gets a salary each month. I'm HTR, the elected representative for the residents, and do everything for free.

Which means more work for me and less for the husvert's. Which sucks and which I will object to as soon as given the chance. Not just because of the extra work, but because we need the husvert's. Cut their pay, that wouldn't be a problem, but they should be there.

Then one guy (a money-money kinda guy) wondered if my necklace was a penis ring/measuring instrument (and proceeded to tell me to laugh!).

Ha. Ha.

Money guy had a gf but was desperate to find a girl for the night. When he realized I had a boyfriend he asked his friend when they were going out. His friend asked 'why, does she have a man'. The guy said 'she says so'. I said 'not a 'man' (in Norwegian that's the same as 'husband'), a boyfriend'. The guy's friend said 'big difference, they're both just as much of a turn off'.

Naturally, after a few mins, I asked the guy if he really had a gf, because I wanted to know whether I should think he was a total jerk or not. He said feel free to think he's a jerk.

Which I do, and now I've wasted too much time on him... Bastard.

Anyway, the point was the picture above. I don't know the guy, I didn't recognize him when I stepped over him, and I didn't know if I should wake him. (so I went and got my camera to take his pic and post it on the net instead?!? Yeah that makes sense!)

I think I need to sleep a little...