Wednesday, May 23, 2007

*no title*

Jeg kjente en en gang, på andre siden av havet, som hadde en
stemme som krøp ned i tærne og ut i fingertuppene og til slutt
satte seg fast i hjertet et sted.

Jeg likte hans stemme og han likte min og vi brukte mange mange
timer på å lytte til hverandre si mange meningsløse ting som ikke
virker så meningsløse nå lenger.

Stemmen forsvant men jeg glemmer den aldri.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

the Creepy Guy from home

"Hi.. it was me who were there just now, ringing the door bell at your you live in Honndalen?* Maybe we could go for a walk sometime? - Matt"

*town where I'm from - "home"

- Guy had been at home to sell lottery tickets for a football club. Apparently sister had opened the door. Sister is 14. Guy, I find, is 29 or 30.

"I think you've sent this to the wrong person - I haven't been at home since Easter. But... stay away from my little sister, she's a bit too young for you :)"

"Hmm... now this is funny :) no, I wasn't planning on going after your sister... you got msn? Maybe we could chat?"

Turns out the guy, who has just moved back to town, thought my little sister was me, he knew I was born in 84 and therefore should be 23, asked his mother about me/my sister and decided to send her/me a message.

I explained the misunderstanding, asked my parents who this guy is and told my sister, to the family's great amusement, to stay the hell away from grown men! She was just offended someone thought she was my age, I quote "I don't look that old!!"

Saying this was one of the creepiest messages I've got is not an exaggeration... What was new with this was it didn't get creepy until I had my suspicions confirmed, realizing he had the hots for my sister. Who is 16 years younger than him. He's more than twice her age!

Not to mention that if he had sent this message to my sister instead of me they might have met, him thinking she was older than she was, her thinking he... I'm not even sure I want to go there...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16th

I was gonna say something really smart but I can't remember what it was... But then again, nobody in Norway is sober on May 16th, are they?

May 16th is the day before May 17th, Norway's Independence Day. It's a day like none other. If you don't believe me, google it.

It's the last day of the russ, after a few months of celebration, they will finally be graduating high school. It seems like a much bigger deal in "the middle of nowhere", where I'm from, than in the city...

I have no idea what I was gonna say... I forgot... so sue me (I'm gonna hope you're not an American here...).

Well...I'm gonna go have sex with my boyfriend now (I was supposed to be at his place 2 hours ago..) so... bye bye!

(If there's one thing I'm thankful for it's that I know *Touch*, otherwise this post would never have seen the light of day!)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Famous Last Words

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"So, you're a cannibal."

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Try and seduce Ariane, a model in an 'interactive universe'.

You can take her out to dinner, visit an amusement park or an art museum. Or you can stay in, have a BBQ or go skinny dipping.

If you're lucky you'll get her naked, in the tub, the pool, the shower or anywhere!

But be careful, The Guy got her all ready to roll on the kitchen table but apparently he'd served her a little too much wine along the way and she fell asleep.

The object is, at least as far as I'm concerned, to get her to bed (or anywhere else for that matter). And I have to say - girls can be a pain in the butt and I have no idea why you guys would ever bother going through all this!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Absent Canadian and "The story of the skull"

This may or may not be the blog of Mike Helms, the Absent Canadian.

I'm not entirely sure what he writes about but one of the comments he's gotten has made me like him already;

"DEAR “mikehelms” What in GODS name makes you say that about OUR military? Who are you to talk about them? Are you ASHAMED that YOU dont have the GUTS to defend YOUR OWN right to talk [...]"

Mike's reply?

[...]as long as I have wind in my lungs, I’ll happily proclaim that I would FAR rather spend my tax dollars on educating young people from ALL nations, instead of funding a military that is engaged in an illegal, immoral war.[...]

Check out his page, if nothing else, his "Story of the skull" should make you laugh.

...I want a skull too... I mean, another one. I have one, I know, but I want one more. You can never have enough skulls, right?