Sunday, May 20, 2007

the Creepy Guy from home

"Hi.. it was me who were there just now, ringing the door bell at your you live in Honndalen?* Maybe we could go for a walk sometime? - Matt"

*town where I'm from - "home"

- Guy had been at home to sell lottery tickets for a football club. Apparently sister had opened the door. Sister is 14. Guy, I find, is 29 or 30.

"I think you've sent this to the wrong person - I haven't been at home since Easter. But... stay away from my little sister, she's a bit too young for you :)"

"Hmm... now this is funny :) no, I wasn't planning on going after your sister... you got msn? Maybe we could chat?"

Turns out the guy, who has just moved back to town, thought my little sister was me, he knew I was born in 84 and therefore should be 23, asked his mother about me/my sister and decided to send her/me a message.

I explained the misunderstanding, asked my parents who this guy is and told my sister, to the family's great amusement, to stay the hell away from grown men! She was just offended someone thought she was my age, I quote "I don't look that old!!"

Saying this was one of the creepiest messages I've got is not an exaggeration... What was new with this was it didn't get creepy until I had my suspicions confirmed, realizing he had the hots for my sister. Who is 16 years younger than him. He's more than twice her age!

Not to mention that if he had sent this message to my sister instead of me they might have met, him thinking she was older than she was, her thinking he... I'm not even sure I want to go there...


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