Thursday, May 03, 2007

Absent Canadian and "The story of the skull"

This may or may not be the blog of Mike Helms, the Absent Canadian.

I'm not entirely sure what he writes about but one of the comments he's gotten has made me like him already;

"DEAR “mikehelms” What in GODS name makes you say that about OUR military? Who are you to talk about them? Are you ASHAMED that YOU dont have the GUTS to defend YOUR OWN right to talk [...]"

Mike's reply?

[...]as long as I have wind in my lungs, I’ll happily proclaim that I would FAR rather spend my tax dollars on educating young people from ALL nations, instead of funding a military that is engaged in an illegal, immoral war.[...]

Check out his page, if nothing else, his "Story of the skull" should make you laugh.

...I want a skull too... I mean, another one. I have one, I know, but I want one more. You can never have enough skulls, right?

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