Friday, April 28, 2006

Meat all Pooped

Imagine you're sitting down for dinner one Sunday. You're having lamb roast, it's been in the oven, the table is set and you're cutting it. You cut the first piece and find something dark. More precisely, you find sheep's poo inside your Sunday dinner.


Norweigian company Gilde, largest producer and seller of all sorts of meat thought trouble was over for this time after the past months' discoveries of E.coli
in some of their products. The bacteria was found after several children around the country suffered kidney failure.

At first, Gilde's minced meat was found as a link between the children. Gilde immedeatly sent out orders to throw away or return a long list of products. Those returned would be tested both by the company, and Mattilsynet, the Norweagian FDA.

Two weeks later Gilde was cleared of all suspicions, only to direct it onto other products such as salami and other cured sausages from the same company. All products were cleared from the shops, as had happened two weeks earlier with the minced meat, and the source of the bacteria was finally found.

This week it came out that company Gilde had sent out several tons of food to shops even after they knew it were infected with the E.coli.


Strangely, the poo worries me more than the bacteria. Of course the E.coli is much more dangerous and I'm not someone to go "eeeeek!" when seeing a bug (nor poo), but bacterias are everywhere and although that kind should definitely not be in food, it is impossible to see whether there's anything there or not.

Not so with poo. If it's there, you see it. Not that sheep's poo is particularly large but if two hard lumps are able to get inside your Sunday roast, it must have got there somehow. Do they not clean the animals? Or do they put some poo aside for inspiration? Shouldn't they get that all out before they cut the meat up and wrap it?

The way I see it, the bacteria could get in there without anybody noticing. They should make sure it can't and won't happen, but it's hard to see if it does. Both for them and for us. The poo, although not as dangerous, is easier to spot. If poo gets through, who knows what else does? What other kinds of bacterias have got through, and was this outbreak of E.coli the first, or simply the one everybody noticed?
poo info from

Anybody up for a tofu burger?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Email from the professor

Someone (yes, a man) attending the econ 110 class borrowed some books on game theories from me. The person now blushing has to come and return them.

New Donald

16 year old Nickolas Henriksen will be Donald Ducks new, Norwegian voice. The cooridinator for Sun Studios, responsible for the dubbing Disney movies, says they have been looking for a new voice for two years, and saw young Nickolas on TV last year.

Rune Alstedt, Donald's voice for the past 17 years, is now looking forward to have roasted duck. To this day, he has never tasted it.

Because at the bottom of the Donald contract it always says..

Remember: You Never Eat Your Family

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Home again

Easter is a wonderful thing, you know.

Going home, doing nothing, the whole country stopping for a week. It really is quite nice. I'll have to tell you a little more about Norwegian Easter some other day. Quite an enjoyable time of year.

It's mid April now. Spring is here.

Flowers are out, birds are coming back. It's getting warmer. You no longer need gloves, hats and scarves to go out.

If only it would stop snowing, it would be perfect.

Friday, April 07, 2006


There was a fair maiden of Exeter,
So pretty that guys craned their necks at her.
One was even so brave
As to take out and wave
The distinguishing mark of his sex at her.

From Wikipedia, interest in naughty limericks sparked by Mr. Zelner from Friends.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Somebody get me a paperclip!!


Anyone from Fort Leavenworth here?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Seeking Contact

I think there's something wrong with my contacts.

The past weeks they've kept splitting as they are in my eyes.

I was just trying to get dressed when it felt like I'd got gravel in my eye (if you wear contacts you know what that feels like) but no, it was just another one having split in two. Just like that.

I don't get it. I'm gonna have to buy some new ones now since this was the last pair I had. Maybe the people here are as nice as they are home and they'll replace the broken ones.

Would kinda suck not to have more contacts. Done that before, never again. Can't see a thing.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Subject: important

Hey it is Andy and John the directors of MSN,
sorry for the interruption but MSN is closing
down. this is because too many inconsiderate
people are taking up all the names (eg.. making
up lots of different accounts one person), we
only have 578 names left. If you would like to
close youraccount, DO NOT SEND THIS MESSAGE ON.
If you would like to keep account, then SEND
This is no joke, we will be shutting down the
servers. Send it on. The use of msn and hotmail
will cost money from summer 2006. If you send
this message to 18 different people from your
list your little icon will become blue and that
will make it free for you. If you dont believe
me go on ( and see it yourself.
Dont foward this message copy paste it so people
will actually read it

Are you one of those who pass on messages like these? Are you afraid your account will be deleted or you will have to start paying? Do you send it to the people on your list so they will know what is up and they can save their accounts too?

If you ever again suffer any of these delusions, here is what I want to do to help you. Simple advice but very very helpful when determining whether this is real. Because yes, it may not be.

1. See who it's from.
  • In this case it would be directors Andy and John. No last names? Just 'directors'? That sounds funny to me.

2. Do a spell check.

  • Simple things such as capital letter after the end of a sentence.
  • What's up with the caps?

3. Does it sound right?
  • Look at how it is written - does it look like the writing style of a 16 year old kid or that of the directors of MSN?
  • Would a couple directors call their own 'clients' inconsiderate? Anyone who might be a 'director of msn' should and would know enough about costumer service not to go down that road.
  • What's up with the "sorry for the interruption"? Sending you an email is not an interruption, it may be inconveniencing you, but it is not an interruption.
  • Would the directors of MSN be writing "this is no joke" and/or "if you don't believe me...". First of all there were two of them so it should be "if you don't believe us", second, they are the directors of MSN. They expect you to believe them.
  • Would is there no "sincerely, the directors...." Isn't that a little impolite?

4. Is it realistic?
  • 578 names left? Which would that be, superman010191 or mymsn889947? Any which name you put in, add a few numbers, and you can be pretty sure it's still availible. As for names without numbers, they were all taken years ago.
  • Will you start paying? Would you pay for MSN with all that's out there; yahoo, icq, aim, skype, trillian, even aMSN for those who insist on keeping the name. Or webmessenger.
  • If you don't send the message, they delete you. If you do send the message, you get to stay. If you do send the message it is free for you. If all those who stay are those for whom it is free - who would have to pay?
  • Who came up with 18 people?
  • Why be so careful to tell you not to forward, so that people will actually read it? Why didn't they just send one email to every hotmail account? Only those who have spam-loving friends get this message? Wouldn't this generate a whole lot more rubbish on their servers than if they just let everyone know once?
  • What about the "little icon turning blue"? Get on webmessenger and it gets blueish.
and last but not least...

  • How many of these 'doomsday' emails have you recieved up through the years? Did anything ever happen?

So please, the next time you recieve one, go through this list first. If you still believe it is real, you are welcome to send it to me. I will underline all the mistakes you did not notice and send it right back. You will then feel stupid for having believed it.

That's all folks!

Last week

I can't believe this week (last week) is over.

I can't believe I'm not in bed yet!

Got a few things I need to write about one of these days, if I can ever get around to it. I had one of the best days I can remember this week, busy as hell but man it was great...

Tomorrow I need to go find a b'day present for my sister - she wants a black sweater with red arms and/or a white sweater with black arms... or the other way round... 13 is a difficult age... So far I've got her 13 b'day cards.

Can't wait to go home! Leaving Thursday, Friday or Saturday (depending on whether I want to skip any lectures) and will be staying till Wednesday a week and a half later.

I'm also loving daylight savings time, it doesn't start getting dark until 8pm, which is great because, well, there's light outside, but bad because I keep going "crap! it's 8 already???" - I think it's still early afternoon.


Well, classes tomorrow.

Night night, wherever you are