Sunday, October 31, 2004


It will be November in a few minutes.
That's something, isn't it...
November.. And it hasn't snowed yet.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Do you have a thing about underwear?

I was doing the washing today, and as I was hanging it all up, I realized I have A LOT of underwear. Not that I didn't know that from before, my drawer at home was way more than full before I left. I just love underwear. I don't have a whole lot of 'upper-underwear-things', but I do have lots of tiny things that go...well, further down. (I'm trying my best to be discreet, how am I doing?)

What can I say? Girl underwear is cute. All kinds of patterns and colours and shapes and sizes. With ribbons on the sides or a bow on the front. And Snoopy. Why is there so much underwear with Snoopy on these days? H&M gone Snoopy crazy... I just realized my newest top and too large bottom thing (with ribbons, btw) match the colours of the Cosmopolitan I bought two weeks ago... Apart from that, I'm in an underwear dead zone.

Now, what about you?
Do you wear underwear or not?
Do you have a thing about underwear? Yours or somebody else's?

Oh come on, I know you're reading this, leave a comment!
We all want to know what you think!

Saturday morning

The sun rises at 10am these days. The sky was clear an hour ago, but some clouds are coming in from the north. My room faces the north-east, so I won't see the sun from here until the winter has passed.

October 30th... It hasn't started snowing here yet, we're probably too close to the ocean. It did snow on the mountains at home some weeks ago, and I'm sure it won't be too long before it reaches us aswell. I don't know how cold it has to be to snow... around 0? We had 8 degrees in the middle of the day yesterday, and I've brought my scarves and gloves and mittens and everything there is, up from our storage space downstairs.

I'm ready for winter!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Monsters, Inc.

Do monsters exist?

Does evil exist?
Does love exist?
...or is it just..... a figment of our imagination?

I don't believe in evil, but how can I not? I know what's out there, but I've never seen it. I always feel everything. Is that a strange thing to say? I just mean that... when I look at something, it gives me a feeling, and that thing becomes defined by the feeling it gives me. Same with situations. Even hypothetical situations. Same with people. When I was standing on the veranda a couple of hours ago, looking out over the city, at the clouds above, I realized that what I feel here, is not real. I wish someone could drop me into some of all the horrible things that are going on in the world, far from my safe home. I wish I could see, understand, realize. Feel. I hate thinking like I do, wearing my rosy red glasses. But I still do.

I think like the innocent creature people see me as. I know there are good things and bad things, but I can't give in to the bad ones. I know how naïve I can be, I know that I'm lucky and priviliged to be where I am. That's like the surface, and I always stay above it. I do dive down into the deep ocean, but I don't stay there. I always go back up. I always come back up.

Sometimes things shock me, sometimes someone has to shake me a little. Some people seem to do that better than others. And I always appriciate it when that happens, even if I don't always know it at the time...

A different point of view will never hurt.
Stay open minded, that's one of the best qualities a person can have (and the most attractive quality there is, if you ask me).

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wednesday again

Today I got up really late, then I went to philosophy work group. I was there first time last week, chose new assignments, mine is something about arguing and making your statements more precise. That's what the last half of philosophy is all about. My thing is about how wars make people stop caring, that soldiers have to stop caring about what goes on around them. That is what they are taught to do, and that is something that just happens when people are put in an enviroment they don't know. I guess that's why soldiers train a lot, so they will be both physically and mentally prepared for what is coming. Don't think I agree with that though...

However, I don't get to give my point of view on this (yeah right, as if they can shut me up), but I'm supposed to discuss the meaning of a sentence that would sound something like

The custom of war is to ... make things inhumane...

See, how can I write something when what it's based on can't even be translated into English? But that's what it's about, how things can mean different things...

Anyways, I'm not doing that now, now I'm watching a film with the Olsen twins.. I think Wednesday night is Olsen twin night this month or something. And I've got a lollipop. I love lollipops :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kant, morals and Christmas cookies


I posted my text three minutes before the deadline, but the university pages say I did it at 2:05 rather than 1:56... Obviously they're nine minutes ahead of us on the other side of the bridge... I know my time is right, so I hope it doesn't matter.

But it feels good :) Finally! I always start late, but the thing with me is that I never do anything half way. I don't write this to pass, whenever I 'produce a text' I want it to be as good as it can get. That's why it's always a slap in the face when I didn't do as good as I hoped. I don't know how this will go though... Two months into university and I'm supposed to write like a professor? Nah, don't think they expect that.

Right now... I just want to sing!
I'm so happy, so terribly happy! I'm so happy, so terribly happy
I want to scream and shout, and let my happiness out
I'm so happy, so terribly happy!

Good choice, right? Just popped into my head when I pressed the 'post' button... Hmm... they're just gonna put it in a folder though, and then look at it around Christmas time. What a treat, Kant, morals and Christmas cookies...

One hour left

One hour left, will I ever manage to finish this in time?

I still need to sort out the final points, which make no sense at the moment. Then I need to write a conclusion. I don't even know what to conclude with... Maybe that Kant didn't agree with killing millions of innocent people? Hmm... Yeah, but I can't just write that, you know. I have to write how I know that he didn't agree with that. Then I gotta figure out how this Eichmann dude thought that be obedient (man, I hate that word...) could mean 'kill everyone cuz your boss tells you to'. I mean.... WHAT?? WHY?? Why did these nazi guys do things like that? My professor told me they didn't think jews were people. Erm....excuse me? Not people? Kant discriminated between 'objects' and 'people'. People had the ability to reason. So... jews didn't? Kantian demand my... well, anyway... I think those guys all needed a good kick in the nuts. I know violence never solves anything, but it would be nice to see them squirm wouldn't it?

Late night writing II

Uskyld er en deilig ting, men det er bare så leit at den
ikke holder seg særlig godt og lett blir forført.

Innocence is indeed a glorious thing; only, on the other hand, it is very sad that it cannot well maintain itself and is easily seduced.
Immanuel Kant

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.
Moulin Rouge

I never knew the night would take me
Where the day would never go

In order not to leave the selection to "blind fate," "truly holy principles" were needed "as the guiding force of the weak human hand which puts down on paper the name of the unknown person and with this decides his life or death."
Hannah Arendt

Monday, October 25, 2004

Suckety suck

Kant is tricky.
Moral philosophy sucks.
Eichmann and the nazis most certainly suck. Sucked.

I have to finish my assignment on all of this (except the sucking) by 1:59pm tomorrow... 14 hours left. It's gonna be a long night. But I'm not complaining, I'm the one who chose it this way. I only work under pressure.

I suck...

Rest in peace, little birdie

Pugsly passed away in the arms of the man who loved him the most. He was 7 years old, a beautiful parrot living in Australia. Having moved around with his favourite human being, he had now settled down, with 16 little parrot chickens. Living the life of a king in his cage.

Hope you don't mind me writing this, teddy bear. Thinking about it just made me realize how sad it really was, and I'm sorry you've lost your friend.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

October 24th

Two months till Christmas. Can you believe that?

Christmas trees, decorations, stockings and Santa Clauses... They'll all be coming back in a month. Kids screaming in the shops, queues that make Saturday afternoon at the mall feel like Monday morning... Christmas gifts when no one has wishes, what to wear, what to buy, what to make, what to bring... Putting up the tree, cat plays with the decorations. Tree falls down...well, not quite, but still... Stressful days.

Pink nights, all light outside because the moon is up and the world is white. Christmas carols, Bing Crosby singing 'White Christmas'. Sleigh Ride, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Winter Wonderland. Let it Snow... The house smells like ginger bread, the church bells ring Christmas in at 5pm, then dinner, waiting, and Santa Claus comes (will have to explain Norwegian Christmas celebrations later). Happy feelings, joy... Christmas feelings. It's just something that surrounds you, you can feel it.

This sounds very negative, in a way... I didn't intend it that way, it's just the 24th of October, two months till Christmas, and I always think these things on the 24th of every month. I have so many wonderful childhood memories, and many of them have got to do with Christmas. It's a wonderful time of year.

It's also the UN day today, I just remembered. I've wanted to see the UN building ever since I read a children's book years ago, where they went to New York, and they visited that building. I think I might have to visit The Big Apple one day...


That was fun... I forgot... then I remembered... I better go wash my face.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

My face is black

I was lying on my bed reading a magazine and watching a movie. My mind started drifting, like it always does, my arms crossed under my head. I wonder what people must think if they see me like that. Depending on what I think about, I must have different expressions on my face. Lately I've noticed myself smiling when I'm out walking, smiling just because of something I'm thinking about. I was thinking about something like that tonight.

Then I lifted my head, my hands, and I saw they were black. There was an almost all black ad in the magazine just where I'd stopped reading and started dreaming... So, I thought, if my hands are black, then surely my face must be a little black aswell. Funny thought... at least at that moment... I just got up off my bed a couple of minutes ago, and caught my reflection in the window. It's all dark outside, and I have no mirror in my room, so the window worked as one right then.

I have a huge black... area in the middle of my forehead, and the tip of my nose is black too. I look like I've been hanging upside down in a chimney. I probably should go wash it off, but hey, how often do you get to walk around with black ink spots on your face?

Weekend cheats

What do you know, another week has passed, and the weekend is here. I didn't even notice midnight passing by, I usually do...

Cheating. What about it? How do the general population here at Blogger feel about it? Ever done it? Anyone ever done it to you? What would you do if your bf/gf cheated? I've never been in a position to experience this, so I don't really know how I would feel... Hurt. Betrayed. Sad. Angry. When I'm sad, I get angry first. Would I get sad first if I was angry? Probably. I've thought about it for a little while after being put on the spot a few hours ago (always love talking to ya, Michael :). I guess it's all a mixture of things...self control? What if you were married and fell for someone else? I couldn't imagine acting on it, but then again, what would I know? I just know that I wouldn't marry anyone without absolutely loving them to death, I dont' know much about love, but I think it must be the most wonderful thing out there.

Do you think that you can be in love with a person for twenty, thirty, fifty years? Or does the rush of being 'in love' turn into a more steady feeling of 'love'? A grandfather in France said he didn't think you could love someone for more than 3-4 years. Does that make sense? How sad would that be..? I think the 'in love' turns into 'love', and then there are times when that rush you experienced at first can come back (yes, my contemplations still bring me there.. :) Sometimes thinking about this makes me wonder what true love must feel like. I've never had the bad experiences, so hopefully I'll be able to recognize it when something good passes by. If it knocks on the door, or knocks me off my feet, time will show...

Alright, enough emotions for me!
How about it, people?
A penny for your thoughts...

Friday, October 22, 2004


You know what? Me neither, but that's beside the point.

What can we question? Can we question everything and everyone? What is truth? Do we ever know the truth about anyone? Unless they tell us? What about when they do tell us? Do they tell the objective truth, their truth, or the truth they sincerely believe in?

Some people you just instinctivly trust...

Sex on the menu : anyone better?

Can two people have sex 4-5 times every day for two years?

This is the question I've been asking all my IM contacts today (or yesterday, technically, since it's past midnight). Apparantly the answer is yes. Unless the guys in question were a bit too optimistic concerning their abilities... The reason for these quieries was that there were some couples on TV this morning. They all loved each other, but wanted to put the spark back in the relationship, spice things up a little. One couple, and they seemed really cool, said that before, they were going like the Duracell rabbit, doing it 4-5 times a day, for two years.

Now, as always, I'm just a little curious... And I always like to test things... Is it realistic? What do you think? 4-5 times a day, that's 31.5 times a week. 141.75 times a month. 1,642.5 times a year. 3,285 times in two years!

Any thoughts?
Any volunteers?

(David - see you in Sevilla ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Umm.... Wednesday

The test on Monday went great, indexing my notes was the smartest thing I could have done (seeing as I hadn't actually read them...). Tomorrow I'm going to spend an hour with the 'teacher' guy, showing him what I've written on my assignment on Kant and his philosophy on morals, and after that, a weekend of writing. I can't write during the day, so I'm planning a long night or two. How come, for me, inspiration only comes with the darkness?

I love autumn nights, but I miss seeing the stars.
There are so many lights in this city, you can't see what really shines..

Late night writing

We are here to add what we can to life,
not to get what we can from it.
William Osler

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.
Thomas Jefferson

I went because it made me one experience richer.
Vegard Ulvang
Norwegian Skier

In the beginning Allah took a rose, a lily, a dove, a serpent, a little honey, a Dead Sea apple, and a handful of clay. . . It was woman.
The Koran

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Internet friendships

Sometimes you meet some wonderful people on here. Other times, you meet people who start out interesting, and, after a few months, start critisizing you for doing, thinking, even feeling the way you do. Today I said goodbye to one such person, after him last night having accused me of not having told him the truth about when I was born, proceeded to suggest I typed it wrong (writing 24th instead of 15th), and when I showed him the log from the chat, he asked me if I'd just written it... That was the last straw.

Some internet friendships just take too much work, and when you don't even enjoy talking to the person anymore (casual talk turns into constantly defending yourself), what's the point? I spent a month wondering if it's right to say goodbye to someone just because you don't like the way they talk to you... Today I decided I'd rather talk to nice people. I know some great people here, people who have shown me that interesting and nice can go hand in hand.

You can find true friends on here, but they are rare.
Just remember: show respect, even if you feel like ripping your arm off and beating the other person with it. Walk away if you have to. And don't slam the door.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Tomorrow we have a test in philosophy. It's multiple choice, 45 mins, 10 questions. Get 7 right, and you get to hand in your assignments and have them evaluated. Get 6 right, and you're out, no evaluation, no exam. I'm trying to sort out my notes, I just can't find out where to put this page... it's about ethics... Was that Pottman or Hume or someone else? And why is there something about AI in here? Do computers care about ethics? Do they?

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Second Day

I'm a student at the University of Bergen. That basically means that I try to study, and that I now live in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. Since yesterday was my b'day, my parents and sister had decided to come for the weekend, and they even brought chocolate cake with them!

I didn't realize that I missed them until I met them again, and now it's a little sad that they're leaving tomorrow morning. My sister is staying over with me tonight, right now she's in my bed watching something on Hallmark... She's 11 and says she likes watching "when they fight". I get that, in one way. Martial arts is cool, but watching car crashes and guys with guns running around is somewhat less interesting. Plus it sorta says that violence is 'ok'...

Tomorrow is another early morning, and the coming week is going to be a very very busy one. But does that mean I'm going to bed? Nah! I do love sleeping though... preferrably in the mornings...

Friday, October 15, 2004


October 15th 1984

Twenty years have passed since that day, the day when I was born. I am no longer a teenager, no longer just a little girl. I guess I'm starting to feel like a woman now, but I'll always be that little girl inside, she has just learnt when it's safe to come out, and when it's best to stay inside.

Two decades... that's a long time... Today feels a little special on the inside, but not on the outside. I guess what I mean by that is that I don't expect presents, I don't expect this to be 'my' day. It just feels nice to know that today is a day when friends and family will think of me. That's a nice feeling. Maybe I'm growing up...

20 starts today, and if you stick around, you'll see what the life of a twenty year old can be like. Hopefully my applestories will give all of you out there a look into my life, and maybe you will even understand a little bit about how I think... about life, the universe and everything else.