Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Another year is over. They're all passing rather quickly aren't they? Doesn't seem that long since everyone was stressing about the year 2000, calling it Y2K and expecting all computers to go bananas.

Now 2006 has passed. A year ago I said I had a feeling it would be a good one and I was right about that. Nothing amazing has happened but I've had fun.

I'm not sure about 2007. It doesn't feel as soft as the year that past, it has an edge to it somewhere, not for me personally, more for the world as a whole. I've long had a feeling peace will be far from present the coming year and sadly the last days happenings may help to prove me right.

But now it's December 31st. Time for fireworks and fancy dresses.
We'll think tomorrow and rest when we're dead.

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

We've got contact!

Someone I knew a long time ago is apparently still alive and checking his email. Still haven't got a reply but the fact that he's looking means he might be curious. Or afraid to miss something.

I haven't talked to him in a year and a half but I need to figure out what happened to him. Seems like it's the only way to stop being in love with him. Or in love with the dream. Same thing.

I tell ya, my heart is one of the strangest things I've come across. Yet it makes perfect sense. Getting inside my heart must be one of the hardest tasks there is. But when you're in there, there's no getting out.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Once again that wonderful time of year. The tree is up, the family has been gathered and the presents opened.

The only thing wrong is the lack of snow (you'd think Norway would be one of few places you'd be guaranteed snow for Christmas.)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A toothbrush

The Guy gave me a toothbrush!

It's to keep at his place and use when I'm staying over.

Sure it could mean my breath in the morning stinks and I need to brush my teeth..

..but when you give someone something to keep in your apartment, doesn't that mean you like having them there?

...he did tell me not to put too much meaning into it...

He thinks this whole relationship thing scares me and, to be honest, so did I. But it doesn't. Not anymore. It's not scary.

How weird...

He likes me being at his place. And I like being there.

And it took a toothbrush to make me realize that.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Beauty incarnate

Aishwarya Rai

Any chance it's illegal to be this beautiful?

In any case she's being sued, along with co-actor Hrithik Roshan, for kissing on the screen.

Intimacy in public is frowned upon in India. A kiss could be "lowering the dignity of Indian women and encouraging obscenity among India’s youth" says lawyer Shailendra Dwivedi who filed the suit, according to

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Net-people : reality check

A couple days ago I got an sms from a guy I chatted with a while ago, we never met even though we live in the same city. He asked if I'd like to meet up and have sex. I said I didn't. Turned out he'd just broken up with his girlfriend and needed 'a little something' in the evening.

It was a little strange at the time but the having broken up with the gf explained why the message after a couple months of silence. Gotta check out your options, right? :)

However... at 1:30 last night I got a message from a number I didn't know. The text went like this:

Wanna have sex:-)?

I don't hand out my number to anyone I meet and didn't have a clue who this might be. I checked it out online and realized it must have been one of the guys I met after I got back to town in August. It was kinda creepy finding out it was him.

Back then we met, talked for three minutes until it was obvious we had absolutely nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Apparently he didn't take an hour of silence as a bad thing - we just... sat there. And after a while agreed it was getting awkward.

The day after he sent me a message saying he'd wanted to kiss me and did I want to meet to have sex?

I've got several messages like that since. He doesn't seem scary like some of the guys but it's getting a little creepy, especially after I've told him I have a boyfriend (still feels weird saying that), and will not be meeting him or anyone else anytime soon. I told him before I didn't see any point in us meeting again but he seemed to disregarded that completely.

This last message coming in at 1:30am on a Sunday morning I'll just put it down to alcohol - call it a booty call if you will.

At least I hope that's all. I've already had a taste of what it's like when a guy has stalker tendencies. Although rather innocent at the time it does get a little scary when you get a message from a guy you've met once saying he's sitting in a car outside your building just waiting for you to come out.



What does The Guy do when I wake him up screaming?

He curls up and puts his arm around me, saying he wants to take my bad dreams away.

*me happy*