Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Another year is over. They're all passing rather quickly aren't they? Doesn't seem that long since everyone was stressing about the year 2000, calling it Y2K and expecting all computers to go bananas.

Now 2006 has passed. A year ago I said I had a feeling it would be a good one and I was right about that. Nothing amazing has happened but I've had fun.

I'm not sure about 2007. It doesn't feel as soft as the year that past, it has an edge to it somewhere, not for me personally, more for the world as a whole. I've long had a feeling peace will be far from present the coming year and sadly the last days happenings may help to prove me right.

But now it's December 31st. Time for fireworks and fancy dresses.
We'll think tomorrow and rest when we're dead.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. smokie7:15 PM

    Hello sweety annie the apples , have a happy new year.. Hmm did u wear a red underwear this year?

  2. Happy New Year!!!!
    Dont be such a stranger

  3. Happy New Year Apples!!

    God bless.


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