Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pamela, DXD Models

Those are the longest legs I've ever seen!

> Black is finally in fashion at Vogue <

Visuelt 08

I love it!

Who's to say they'd come to the humans first? Animals outnumber us by far, there's no particular reason they wouldn't be the first they'd seek out.

As they say about dogs - who's really the boss, the one who craps on the street or the one who picks up after him?

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My TV just sighed!

It's on, but in PC mode, just waiting for me to pull a window over there, give it something to do. And then it sighed!

First once, then a few more times. Now it sounds like it snores about once a minute.

I'm thinking it's just tired of waiting, but that answer seems just a little too obvious...

What could possibly cause my TV to snore?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy b'day Baby sis

My baby sis is 15 years old today!

And it's so sad!

She'll always be my baby sis, but 15 is such huge difference from 14. I mean, she's already had a boyfriend (and dumped him) - what they did as bf-gf, I don't know. She's old enough to have a bf, but still young enough to ask me "How do you know you're boyfriend-girlfriend? How can you really tell?"

At 14 I've got every right and reason to be overprotective. When she's 15, it's borderline adult (well, sorta). In a year she'll be allowed to have sex (nonononono!). Which means in many ways society thinks she'll want to have sex. If she's anything she'll like me she'll want to - and boys will expect her to want to (her bf was 18 - what do you think his mind was on?).

Alright, I'll stop telling you all about her personal life. She'd kill me if she knew, but hopefully she never will... or maybe when she gets a little older.

I'll never stop feeling protective of her though. She's my baby sis. She's always wanted to be a big sister and just like I don't know what it's like to be the youngest, she'll never know what it's like to be the older one, to watch your nine year younger sister grow up. Maybe if we were closer in age it would be easier, but I wouldn't trade this for anything.

I do remember what it was being that age though, but we're so different - she does things I only thought of doing, so I'm not entirely sure what she's up to... We're very similar in one way though - we're both responsible and smart, neither naive nor cynical. Not that we do everything right, we just have a pragmatic view of the world. My brother is exactly the same - I guess our parents did good :)

Happy b'day sis - I hope you haven't found this blog yet but give it a couple years and I'm sure you'll find anything you want :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Blood Bank

My blood has been approved!

Just after Christmas I finally got around to registering with the Blood Bank. The way it works in Bergen is you get registered on their page, they send you a notice and give you come in to have your blood tested.

I did that in February. I went to the hospital, got a little lost in all the corridors but eventually found my way there. You have to fill out a form every time with questions such as;
- "Have you had a new sexual partner in the past six months?"
(six month quarantine)
- Have you had a tattoo done since last time?
(six month quarantine)
- Have you been in the UK for more than 12 months in the period between 1980-1996?
(you are excluded and will not be able to give blood. ever.)

Then I had a talk with a friendly guy who kept looked for my pulse. He couldn't find it and proceeded to ask me if I was sure I had one. Eventually he found it and when he was convinced I was really alive, he measured my blood pressure - which is high. Apparently not too high though.

I was brought into another room where I was put in a big chair tilted back. The nurses weren't exactly friendly (will it kill you to sound more like a nurse and less like the head mistress from "Mathilda"?). There was a tiny pin prick and my blood flowed out. They put some in each of five or six test tubes, and that was it. I barely felt a thing and asked if "surely it has to hurt more when I'm actually giving blood, and not just being here for the test?"

She reassured(?) me that next time they'd use a much bigger needle. Oh yay...

I was told to wait about two months until the results came through, then I'd find out if I'd been approved. I just wondered what would happen if I wasn't - if my blood wasn't good enough to give to bleeding, dying people. Would they give me new blood? Replace it with good, approved blood? Anything?

But I've been approved! I'm healthy, my blood is healthy and I'm going back next week to give blood that will actually be inside another human being a few days later. I'll help someone. I just hope I get rid of this cold, because you're supposed to wait 7 days after you've had one.

And I can't wait to find out what blood type I have! What sucks is I'm going to Uganda in August and after that there's at least 12 months quarantine, after which I might not be in Bergen any more. Which in turn means I'll have to start this all over again. But at least 450ml of my blood might help a little and I'll be in the system.

It's such a little thing to do. It might hurt a little, it might be uncomfortable and take a bit of time. But my body will adjust and produce more blood, and I can help a person who really needs it.

I'd encourage you all to give it a go. All you have to do is look up your local hospital or blood bank. Give them a call, check out their web page. Get registered and help someone who needs it. Who knows, chances are you or a loved one will be injured and need surgery. And then it won't matter how many surgeons you have if they don't have enough blood to keep you alive.

By giving blood, you can help save lives.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Friendly Swede

I just got the best email from a Swede, offering to send me chocolate. Not just any chocolate, THE chocolate. If you knew me, you'd know that ranks pretty high among the best things anyone could ever do.

I replied, but forgot to tell him how his email made me laugh and feel all fuzzy and warm inside, so I'll put it on here instead and maybe he'll see it. It's so nice when people are nice! Offer to send me chocolate? Who does that, right?

Oh, and I needed to sound all Swedish reading it - the only way I can read Swedish is when I read it in Swedish - with the proper pronunciation - (and I have a cold so my voice is all sexy today too - that's the only good thing about having a cold). The language looks very different from Norwegian but sounds similar (whereas Danish looks very similar but sounds completely different).

Anyway, Swedish Guy, thank you. I needed that laugh today :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Week!

My week of being green will be over tomorrow. I've been at work all day and it's a little chilly walking home. I should have brought a scarf, don't want to get sick like my flat mate. My throat does hurt a bit after the walk though.

Last day! Only 12 more hours and I can have bread! And pasta! And anything I want! (addicted? me? nah!). My throat still hurts though..
6 hours left. I'm feeling sick. All warm, then I get freezing. This is serious bad timing. At least I still have my sense of taste.

00:01 - Finally!!!
12:00 - There's no longer any doubt. I have a cold. I'm not hungry.
18:00 - Work is hard when you have to blow your nose every 5 minutes. Not to mention constantly sucking on Fisherman's Friends to keep away the coughing fits (it's the only thing that works - it took me many painful, humiliating years and flu seasons to find it)

I have a head full of cotton, my nose is running like crazy, I'm not hungry and I can't smell or taste a thing. Fantastic...

I've been hungry for a week. I've been longing for it to be over. For my little experiment to end. And when does, I'm no longer hungry. All the yummy things I can now eat do longer attract me. All I can think of now is avoiding a sinus infection. I've had that before and was in bed for over two weeks. My mum said she started getting them when she was my age, which means that my sinuses hurting is no longer something I can say "oh it'll pass" to because, well, it won't.

But hey, if that's the worst thing her genes gave me, I'm not complaining. I'm still just waiting for those heart attacks to work their way down the lines...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Going Green - Day 3

Most of us have probably realized that after eating corn, it shows up in our stool. The corn in our stool can appear only hours after we eat it. Rest assured, corn in the stool is normal, and the reason we see the corn relates largely to our digestive tract, and also to evolution.

I've heard this many times, but unlike the people at (yes, there really is such a page), I've never noticed it. Partly because I've never thought of it at the appropriate moment,partly because I don't usually inspect what goes in the toilet.

Grossed out yet? No? Let me help some more.

Yesterday, as a part of my week of 'Going Green', I thought I'd eat a can of corn and see what happens.

Well... I tried. And I did get a little more than halfway through the can, making it about 170 grams, before I refused to have one more bite, even for this little project of mine.

It was just gross. I don't know if it's this type of corn, a random can a picked up at the store - a brand called Landlord - or if corn just tastes yucky when you eat it alone. Corn on the cob is supposed to taste nice though..

Now all I can do is sit back and wait for the result.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Going Green

I never knew how hungry fruits and vegetables can make you.

This week I'm only going to eat fruits and vegetables. I've ok'ed spices and vegetable stock, otherwise I'd go nuts.

I know, now you're gonna think I'm already nuts, and why would anybody volunteer only to eat fruit and vegetables, for no apparent reason? Well I have two reasons.

First up, I want to see what happens, if anything at all. Will I feel better, worse, the same? Get more tired, have more energy - go to sleep earlier or stay up later?

Second, when did "nobody else does it" become a reason NOT to do something? Can't I just try something without having to justify it constantly? I don't need a good reason to do all the little weird things I do - as long as I'm not hurting anybody [but myself].

So there.

So far I've experienced a couple things. Mostly, I'm just hungry all the time. I don't know if there's not enough energy or calories in what I eat or if it's just digested very quickly, but I'm just so hungry. I'm stuffing myself with carrots and grapes and strawberries (trying to get a little bit of everything), but nothing works.

Another thing is my craving for sugar. I knew that'd be coming - whenever I go a few days without sugar my body reacts as if it's a drug. Which it kinda is. Usually it takes about 3 days for those cravings to subside and today is day 2.

It's amazing how many things they put sugar in - I've found out they even put sugar in some canned vegetables, reducing my diet to only fresh fruit and vegetables (and by diet I mean food, not I'm on a diet).

The final thing, so far; the days are so slow! I can't believe how boring life is without my carbs - I really don't think I'll live long without my pasta and bread, 7 days must be cutting it close..

And I'm going crazy during the evenings - I'm not sure if it's withdrawal symptoms from food or that I'm getting more energy but I'm bored and I can't sit still, I want to jump up and down but then I just don't want to do anything. I'm also getting dizzy from time to time, which is probably because I'm not eating enough, or often enough.

I wonder what tomorrow brings...