Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Going Green

I never knew how hungry fruits and vegetables can make you.

This week I'm only going to eat fruits and vegetables. I've ok'ed spices and vegetable stock, otherwise I'd go nuts.

I know, now you're gonna think I'm already nuts, and why would anybody volunteer only to eat fruit and vegetables, for no apparent reason? Well I have two reasons.

First up, I want to see what happens, if anything at all. Will I feel better, worse, the same? Get more tired, have more energy - go to sleep earlier or stay up later?

Second, when did "nobody else does it" become a reason NOT to do something? Can't I just try something without having to justify it constantly? I don't need a good reason to do all the little weird things I do - as long as I'm not hurting anybody [but myself].

So there.

So far I've experienced a couple things. Mostly, I'm just hungry all the time. I don't know if there's not enough energy or calories in what I eat or if it's just digested very quickly, but I'm just so hungry. I'm stuffing myself with carrots and grapes and strawberries (trying to get a little bit of everything), but nothing works.

Another thing is my craving for sugar. I knew that'd be coming - whenever I go a few days without sugar my body reacts as if it's a drug. Which it kinda is. Usually it takes about 3 days for those cravings to subside and today is day 2.

It's amazing how many things they put sugar in - I've found out they even put sugar in some canned vegetables, reducing my diet to only fresh fruit and vegetables (and by diet I mean food, not I'm on a diet).

The final thing, so far; the days are so slow! I can't believe how boring life is without my carbs - I really don't think I'll live long without my pasta and bread, 7 days must be cutting it close..

And I'm going crazy during the evenings - I'm not sure if it's withdrawal symptoms from food or that I'm getting more energy but I'm bored and I can't sit still, I want to jump up and down but then I just don't want to do anything. I'm also getting dizzy from time to time, which is probably because I'm not eating enough, or often enough.

I wonder what tomorrow brings...

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