Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy b'day Baby sis

My baby sis is 15 years old today!

And it's so sad!

She'll always be my baby sis, but 15 is such huge difference from 14. I mean, she's already had a boyfriend (and dumped him) - what they did as bf-gf, I don't know. She's old enough to have a bf, but still young enough to ask me "How do you know you're boyfriend-girlfriend? How can you really tell?"

At 14 I've got every right and reason to be overprotective. When she's 15, it's borderline adult (well, sorta). In a year she'll be allowed to have sex (nonononono!). Which means in many ways society thinks she'll want to have sex. If she's anything she'll like me she'll want to - and boys will expect her to want to (her bf was 18 - what do you think his mind was on?).

Alright, I'll stop telling you all about her personal life. She'd kill me if she knew, but hopefully she never will... or maybe when she gets a little older.

I'll never stop feeling protective of her though. She's my baby sis. She's always wanted to be a big sister and just like I don't know what it's like to be the youngest, she'll never know what it's like to be the older one, to watch your nine year younger sister grow up. Maybe if we were closer in age it would be easier, but I wouldn't trade this for anything.

I do remember what it was being that age though, but we're so different - she does things I only thought of doing, so I'm not entirely sure what she's up to... We're very similar in one way though - we're both responsible and smart, neither naive nor cynical. Not that we do everything right, we just have a pragmatic view of the world. My brother is exactly the same - I guess our parents did good :)

Happy b'day sis - I hope you haven't found this blog yet but give it a couple years and I'm sure you'll find anything you want :)

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have younger sis myself, and to me, she'll always be the baby that tagged along her big sister.

    I think being overprotective comes with the big sister territory ;)


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