Friday, December 11, 2009

I sold my soul and got an iPod

No, of course I didn't, what do you think of me?

But I came close - the iPod Touch is rather gorgeous, and I do still want an iPhone.

If it wasn't for the whole locking it to one (or two) operating systems, not being able to connect it to the eee, having to install stuff, and not being able to use it whenever, wherever...

In case you're one of those who think "apples" comes from Apple, you're sadly mistaken. apples came about before I'd ever heard of Apple. Probably before I'd used a laptop and long before I owned a cell phone or an mp3-player.

I'm not too fond of the company's policy, which is looking more and more like that of Microsoft - it's not enough to get the costumer to stop by for a visit, you need to lock them in your attic until they scream for mercy. Well. That's how I think of it some times.

Still, in spite of my fondness of freedom and commitment phobia, that iPod Touch does look damn good...