Friday, July 28, 2006

Thong Trouble for McDonald's

The woman was about to order her lunch at a MacDonald's restaurant in the Swedish city of Karlstad, when the employee about to take her order bent down behind the counter, revealing a thong. The costumer was appalled and has now lodged a complaint against the fast food restaurant.

The Swedish FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who recieved the complaint say they have never encountered anything like this. "[What type of underwear one wears] is a matter of preference, I can't see how this could be a matter of hygiene" says FDA inspector Lena Bergman-Bokvist. She has never before heard of a complaint like this.

MacDonald's Sweden apologize for the incident.

Susanna Hörnfeldt, spokesperson for MacDonald's Sweden says they have strickt rules for dresses and trousers worn by their employees. They even have rules for shirts and how many buttons are allowed to be open - which is one. They have never before recieved a complaint about any aspect of their dress code.

Admittedly, the chain does not have specific rules regarding the underwear of their staff.

See people? The only way to go is naked! There's nothing but trouble when you wear underwear! I say let's fry the fries and burn the burgers the way mother nature intended!

- You want me to supersize that heart attack for you?


  1. mhm... and if the employee gets a stiffy your meal is for free or what?
    well i'd say young, good-looking women should work nude. anybody else: strictly obey the dresscode! And if I get a stiffy my meal is for free :-) Okay I know I'm daydreaming now, but you have strange ideas up there in Norway, too! I mean, I really have a weak heart with regard to ugly naked people...

  2. I don't censor my visitors but I'd prefer it if you kept the the talk about "ugly people" to a minimum.

    fooshie, you have been warned :)

  3. honey,
    I could make some lewd comment, but it would be too easy too. You know the ones I mean like..."I got your happy meal right here"...or "supersize is the only option with me"...or "They dont call my cock 'big mac' for nothing"...

    I could have said those things, but I wont, I have too much class for those kind of remarks.

  4. Would you be likely to say that to a McD employee in a thong than one in any other kind of underwear?


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