Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shopping nude?

I am a girl, therefore I shop.

Maybe I should make it woman. I am a woman. Technically.... But I don't wanna... I should.. Maybe...

I am female, therefore I shop!

I have seen the inside of a few shops the past month, although I have to admit it's only fun if I find something I like, so if I go through two shops and find nothing, I'm bored. Lately I have found things I've liked, therefore I've had fun shopping!

(I assume you understood I meant shopping for clothes...) When you shop for clothes you (read: girls) try the clothes on before you buy them. I've been doing a bit of that. Unfortunatly, other people have a nasty habit of popping their heads inside the dressing room as I am more or less dressed. Which is fine (kinda), I don't really mind too much anymore. I'm getting used to it.

What I do mind is when the girls (or women) get embarassed. And show it. I don't get embarrassed, I'm used to it. But why should they get embarrassed? All they did was see a half naked gi... female.

I was at shop today, I was trying on a skirt (which was on sale, is gorgeous and safely tied around my waist as we speak). A voice said... some name... and started moving the curtains apart. I said "No..", I smiled, "I think you got the wrong dressing room". What did she do? She started giggling. She found her friends and kept giggling for ten minutes. I don't like giggling girls.

What has the world come to if we're embarrassed to see an almost naked body? More embarrassed than others are to show it? We feel more comfortable putting on clothes than taking them off, being naked is unnatural and underwear is a must!

I say throw out the underwear! Let's show each other who we are and not hide behind layers of cotton and silk! Let's all be nude!

I might have to get used to that one... When I've walked across the floor,my new skirt's halfway down my butt...


  1. I'm all up for nudity! =)

  2. omg, penises.

    Tee hee hee.


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