Friday, October 27, 2006

Girl for Sale

Undercover agents and investigators in Oslo are Friday night chasing a man who tried to strangle an 18 year old girl before she was dumped in a tunnel.

The girl, working as a prostitute, told the police she had to pretend she was dead, and only then the man turned the car around and drove towards the city.

According to witnesses the girl was unconcious when she fell - or was pushed - out of the car.

"We're looking for a red VW Golf 1985-model with registration number DE 57802. The car was stolen in Oslo last night" the police says.

The Bulgarian girl had only been in Norway for a few days, when she was picked up by a john to take a ride out of the city. At some point during the drive the man turned violent, and tried to strangle the girl.

Cars which were driving behind the red Golf told the police they saw the car slow down inside the tunnel before the woman fell out.

"One of the drivers behind took care of the woman, while another followed the red Golf. After a while, near another tunnel, he lost sight of the car" police explains.

The 18 year old was this afternoon released from hospital after being in for treatment and observation.

The police gives the following description of the man:

Look European, 26-30 years old, 175-180cm tall. Short, blond hair. He's a big guy with acne in his face. Wearing 'rapper clothes' and wearing a caps.

What the hell?!? Are you surprised this happened? There's an 18 year old coming to this country to be a friggin prostitute and you're surprised that someone tries to hurt her?

What do you think she's been through
before she met this guy? You think she just sat down on her bed in Bulgaria and thought "hey, why don't I go to Norway and sell my body for a living? It's a small country I'm sure there are only nice, handsome guys who will want to sleep with me." ?

Newsflash: we're as evil as the rest of them!

Each year between 600,000 and 800,000 human beings are victims of human trafficking. 80% of them are women, 50% are minors. Most of the women.. correction - females - (girls are females too and if you're 4 years old it only makes you more attractive) are being trafficked for sexual labour. They are kidnapped, bought and sold. They are, effectively, just another merchandise.

The numbers are shocking although they are, of course, only estimates. No one knows how many are human beings are sold every day because it is very much illegal. It's against the law in most, if not all countries. But
'against the law' doesn't always mean too much.

Imagine someone pulls you into a car, drops you onto a boat, ship you off to another country, takes your passport away and locks you up in an appartment with lots of other people like you. They guard the doors and tell you if you try to escape or cause trouble they'll kill your family back home.

Then they rape you to break you down. If you refuse to do what they say, they strip you naked, beat you, hold you down and rape you. You can't go anywhere, you can't do anything. You're a prisoner in a free country.

If anyone dares to be surprised something like this happens... No one is surprised there's an 18 year old Bulgarian prostitute in Norway. The only shocking thing here is someone tried to kill her.

Catching the guy won't help much.

What would you do if someone sold you and sent you off to Turkey?


  1. When was it established that people in Norway were friendly?

    Sorrr, Might be the lack of blood in my alcohol system talking.

    Love your articles there Apples

  2. Smartgirlbutalittleugly1:24 AM

    In Amsterdam Redlight District, i asked the prostitutes if they were dutch because otherwise i wouldn't fuck, and they all answered " if you find a dutch girl , fuck her for us also" means what? And i think that today if there are black people in France, Holland ,UK,USA etc.. , once upon a time they were brought from their african countries with the forcing of white men, for cheap labor power, but now as there were nothing left by means of natural resources that had been consumed by those western counties in those poor african countries, poor black people now want to go to those western countries by their will for working, though now they are not wanted because in industrialized world there is job shortage and why should they occupy place? But there are always traders who earn something from this As a result even USA is building a wall between mexico and USA to prevent human trading so as to preventjob shortage and reduce the crime rates...


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