Sunday, October 29, 2006

Light my Fire!

I came home at 4:30pm this afternoon after sleeping over with The Guy. We'd been watching the skiing all morning and when it stopped raining I went home.

When I came home I saw a note on the first floor saying "Info meeting about the fire last night, in the common room at 3pm". Umm.. what?

Second floor, lots of student with blankets and parents wandering about.

Third floor, black fingerprints along the walls. Heavy smell of smoke in the air.

Fourth floor, SiB (student organization) people discussing something. A security guard"sitting on a chair next to the door leading to the northern side of the building. The doorway and walls black with soot.

Fifth floor, my floor, still smells like smoke but there are no more black finger prints.

I get to my door and there are black footprints outside. Apparently they've gone from door to door.

There was a fire last night. It started at about 1am and was put out by 1:30. Or rather, it stopped by 1:30 - there was nothing left in the room to burn. Luckily, whoever lived there wasn't in. The fire department said if someone was inside, there would be no way for them to have survived.

It was so hot the window was melted almost all the way through and the lights in the hallway were melted simply from the heat through concrete walls and a two inch thick fire proof door. That's pretty hot..

One girl was brought to the emergency room for a checkup, other than that no one were physically injured.

This building is one of the safest in the city - there are concrete walls between each room. They've always said if it starts burning in one room, it has no way of reaching the next... last night proved them right on that one...

And I wasn't even around to see it!

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  1. And you got worried because I didn't tell you I had moved...

    Geez. You miss a deadly fire and you're all shucks about it. Maybe you should've been the journalist. I think you'd be good at it, and you'd enjoy it a lot more than economics.

    (Actually, I think you'd enjoy a lot of things more than economics).


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