Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TU my ass.

I live in a building owned by SiB, the organization for students' well-being in Bergen. They own several buildings, gyms, cafes etc. In this building there are 157 students.

Three weeks ago we were called in to a meeting by the Residential Assistant (in Norwegian House Host) who is basically a student who lives here and does a little work for SiB, recieving a salary in return. We usually have a meeting every semester.

Out of 157, 8 showed up. The next hour basically consisted of trying to talk each other into becoming the new TU - a person chosen to handle the little money given to us by SiB and buying whatever we think we want for that money (vacuum cleaner, chairs for the veranda, DVDs). If no one is TU, we don't get any money. No one wanted to, I said I could do it. The TU recieves no money or compensation for what they do.

Two days later I got an email from a SiB-woman. It was sent to me and to the Residential Assistant, a girl called Rebecca. It said the RA/TU room 220 was a mess and could we please clean it up?

Now... I knew there was a RA room. But a TU room? No one has said a word about that. Ever. I sent Rebecca an email asking if it's possible to get a key or to borrow it or if she even has one. No reply. That was a week ago. I've knocked on the door a few times. No answer.

Today I get an email saying the common room (where we can all go hang out) is a mess with broken glass and filth and it has to be cleaned. I've read the rules that apply to TU and which explain what it is. It mentions nothing about cleaning or anything of the sort. It says we are to be what connects the students to SiB.

And we don't even need a TU for that! We haven't had one since... forever. They were elected once, then disappeared, and when we want to talk to SiB we send them an email. And now I'm supposed to clean rooms I've never even seen?

I've sent a mail back to the woman who keeps sending me emails telling me to clean things. I just told her I didn't realize TU included a position as a maid.


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  2. It means no such thing, now please go away.


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