Thursday, October 05, 2006

Albino Elk!

It's an elk. Aka a moose. And it's white..

When it was spotted in the east of Norway, one man said he would shoot it. The hunt this autumn has begun and he has every right to kill the animal.

Other people don't like it, apparently he's had a few people write him telling him they'd beat him up if he touched the elk. At least his wife says so - he's out in the woods so he couldn't comment on it at the moment.

Some people think the hunters shouldn't be allowed to shoot the white elk and many have said they won't.

The hunter who wants to kill it says a white elk doesn't belong in the Norwegian nature. (it has the wrong colour? isn't that like... racism?

Norwegian paper Moss Avis quotes the manager for animal department of the Institute for molecular bioscience at the University in Oslo, Morten Bronndal, saying the albino elk should be shot because, basically, it's a faulty product.

When trying to reach Bronndal and other experts at the University, newspaper VG has been unsuccessful. Apparently most of them are out hunting elk.


  1. carefullguyy11:24 PM

    Hey that elk is a cartoon. Do you belive that Elk is real? No(R)way just the sight picture is real but somebody cut out the Elk from a cartoon or animation and pasted there. Guess who? Hmm don 't believe what you see all the time... that might misleas you..

  2. Tjalve6:54 AM

    Cartoon elk? Not likely. Go to this page. Then you'll see a bigger picture of it, and can even see a video of it. Try to claim that it's a cartoon then.

  3. No elks in Turkey, I suppose...

    I don't try and claim kangaroos are all fiction even though I've never seen one.


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