Sunday, October 22, 2006

From Baby to Brat

I found a petition...

To: Parents

This petion was started because we want to ban all the stupid parents that don't let us do crap and then get mad at us when we get bored...Well all of us have the right to jump off the roof of the house and into the pool without getting screamed at or Go to parties and have a good time. Also we should not be limited to use our imaginations wether it is that we crash the car into a tree or various things like that.
-thank you


The Undersigned

As of today there are 66 signatures.
Signatures and comments include:

7. Miranda
Woohoo! Rite on.
8. Brittany Nicole Knox
hells yea!!!!A4life
11. Retard
Britt u rox my sox off
16. tanaya
ban them dumb parents
27. jessica
parents are horrible and are out to hurt you both physicaly and in the mind
28. cathi
I would like to line up all the stupid parents in this world, and have them be shot
34. Desha
I hate my parents. They are so ironic. They need to give me a break, and take a look at the reality I live in right now
37. Colleen
parents can be SOOOO GAYYY
48. Tom H
My parents suck. I can't go on a school trip to Vimy ridge, France cause I did'nt do the dishes
54. SARA

Now I'm sure there are a lot of, well, stupid parents. A lot of parents hurt their children and a lot of children have every right to wish their parents dead. But the basis for this petition (Well all of us have the right to jump off the roof of the house and into the pool.. etc.) might need some rephrasing.

Even so I feel it's the comments that kinda ruin the whole thing.
have them be shot
sounds like someone who's been out of school for too long.
They need to give me a break, and take a look at the reality I live in right now - you're a teenager, it sucks, deal with it.
cause I did'nt do the dishes - you spend their money, you help with the chores
and finally darling Sara's BAN FUKIN ANNOYING UNGREATFUL PARENTS - ungrateful parents... yes, I imagine they should be very grateful to have someone like all of you in their lives..

It's becoming fashion to have a bad childhood. Like the girl who told her new friend her father had raped her, just to fit in. Didn't go too well when the friend told her parents and the parents called the police.

Fortunately they haven't all fallen for it.

26. Josh
my mums stupid!?!?!?

No Josh, she's the woman who has kept you warm, safe and dry, who has fed you and carried you and brought you up to be the young man that you are. She's the one woman in the world who loves you the most, and you'll never find anyone like her.

I wonder what it's like to watch someone grow up from baby to brat...


  1. lapguy11:29 AM

    Hmm Apples, as you live in a dormitory you shouldn't sign that funny petition hmm? Or will you ? eheheh , hmm babby come and sit on my lap ,we can be swinging on that swing....woow you sexy lady...

  2. Please allow me to insert a customary what the fuck? before moving along.

    Yeah, kids these days. Bunch of friggin' ingrates. If they think their parents should be grateful for having them, they should try the whole childbirth shenanigan. Oh wait, no. Let's not. Bad idea...

    The last thing we need is the kids of insolent little shits running around.


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