Thursday, October 05, 2006

Grey hail and a conch shell

No, it's not my camera gone bad making everything look grey. It's a hailstorm. Or sleet. I never quite knew what the difference was - I thought sleet was like slush. Or maybe that's a drink like thing...

Anyway, there was sun and sleet and I have a strong feeling winter's on its way.

Actually, come to think of it, my camera might be partly to blame for the greyish colour of the picture. I've noticed it's getting harder and harder to get a picture that looks anything like reality - even when the sun is shining it looks like it's evening, just about to get dark. I dug up another one from a few days ago. The light was beautiful, although the sun wasn't shining. I walked through a park and it looked simply gorgeous from where I was standing. All I got was this.

Anyway, winter's coming, I'm hoping for some autumn storms before it does. Just the other day I noticed a conch shell just outside my window. Now.. you might think that's not something out of the ordinary, but I happen to live on the fourth floor and, although it might have been stranger still if the conch was floating in the air or something, I found it strange enough that it was, in fact, lying on the floor. A sort of outside floor. Well... just look at the picture already.

The conch shell wasn't very big and it was pouring down and the wind was blowing when I noticed it, so I've decided it must have blown up from the sea and landed outside my window. That sounds like the most reasonable explanation, doesn't it?

Anyway, I have a paper to write, I'm doing everything to avoid it and it might be time to get my ass in gear. I'm tired and freezing and I've got a head full of cotton (feels like it) and I think I might just have a shower to see what I can fix. Then make vegetable soup.

Then write the paper I'm doing everything to avoid.


  1. DecenProposalguyy11:29 PM

    Hey , forget about that camera. I think you are a beautiful norwegian girl i wanan marry you. :P But being honest you are the second girl that i popped the question tonight hihihihi. Let's see what will be the answers like 4 possibilites exist , Yes Yes , Yes No, No Yes , No No , well for me the worst possibility is Yes Yes :P then i might have touble to select eheheheh (Yes Yes, i ll select the virgin one!)

  2. Don't flatter yourself.


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