Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Forgive me Father for I have sinned...

Actually I haven't sinned, but I have a suspicion it would take a Catholic a couple Hail Mary's to make this all right in the eyes of the Lord.

I also suspect if I did go to confess, the Father would be a little appalled, slightly shocked and definitely horny.

This story began in June when I came across a link to a dating page on the front page of an online paper. I clicked it because it looked cute, and stayed because it was adorable. It was a rather innocent page, mostly adults looking for «friends and/or relationships», although I'm not quite ready to be seen as an adult yet (except when I go to adult stores), still I got a profile and filled it out.

I also registered on another page, a rather more «to the point» one where people were looking for, well, sex. Having had only bad experiences with things like these, I wasn't planning on staying long but, knowing myself, I just couldn't resist all those questionnaires they wanted me to fill out. Want me to talk about myself? Sure!!

Suddenly I had a mailbox full of letters. At the most I was getting around 15 emails a day which was a little... extreme. I wasn't even in town, I'd gone home for summer right after I registered, and wasn't able to even meet any of the people who sent me emails.

After a few weeks, and a lot of emails, it got a little out of hand. I had a hundred guys wanting to be on my msn, close to 50 were already there and something like 20 I'd told «we'll have to try and meet when I get back to Bergen». And the emails kept coming. Apparently there are a lot of guys out there, not so many girls. I had to cancel my profile on one of the pages, and I stayed away from the other for a while, hoping it would calm down.

And it did. I now had around 60 guys on my msn but the flow of new ones had stopped. It was time to sort them out, find out who's who (I still don't know who half of them are), and figure out who to meet. It was still July and I wasn't going back to Bergen until the middle of August.

During the first days of August one of the guys I'd been talking to the most said he was driving some people up past where I was staying and how bout if we meet? Everything sorted out, we did, we talked for a while and ended up in bed. We met the two next days aswell and it was fun. We kept meeting when I came back to Bergen but things cooled down rather quickly. I think we had different expectations and experiences – and quite big problems communicating.

I met quite a few other guys when I got back to town – some I spent some time with, others I met for 20 mins before we both ran in opposite directions. Although no relationships of any kind, and not always sex, I did have... if not fun, then a new experience, with all of them.

A few weeks ago I was meeting a new guy at the museum. He was one of the first I noticed when I registered on that first page. I saw him checking out my page and I checked out his page but I never heard from him. That happened a lot – you saw someone, hoped they'd talk to you, then never did. The net isn't that different from real life, after all. But then when I'd forgot about him, he did email me and a while later we decided to go to the museum.

And we had fun. At least I did. I don't think he hated me either, we've been seeing quite a lot of each other since. I've asked him not to read my blog but I know he still does. I censor myself when I know people I know read this, and that's something I really shouldn't do. But there are certain things, like this post, you might not want everyone to read.. Especially a guy you just met and who you kinda like. And you don't want him to know you kinda like him because he might not kinda like you back.

So forgive me Father for I've had fun. I've had a lot of good and a couple freaky experiences, but all in all guys are relatively harmless. You just gotta know how to treat them.


  1. Goodguyy11:11 PM

    Hey, i just saw that nowadays u don t get any comments. So i am running to ur help, without the comments u can't live :P. Hey so from what u wrote i understood that u had cyber sex with these guys hmm? Or u met and really really get laid? aww then as a good guy i wouldn't want to marry you :P

  2. What? Just cause Apples is having fun doesn't mean she ain't marrying material.

    But then again, who are you? And why do you want to marry her?

  3. Turkish guy:I'm perfectly capable of living without comments.

    I am not having cyber sex, I prefer skin on skin. You don't want to marry me? Really? You promise? Does that mean you'll leave me alone now? Pretty please?


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