Friday, October 06, 2006

I hate...

...handing in papers I know suck.

Especially like the one I'm doing now when I know I'll fail. Which means I won't be able to do the exam this year.

And yes, I am aware that it sounds like I'm just saying "oh I'll fail" to lower my expectations or just to complain or whatever, but this is actually a paper even I can see sucks.

It's like them asking you to write an eight page essay about the history of religion and you write two pages on Star Wars, pretending you didn't read the "religion" part. That's what I'm doing, pretending I just didn't notice 90% of the questions, including all the big ones. And the maths ones.

I can't decide whether to send it off now or leave it till the morning. It's 5:33 am, the dealine is at 2pm. That's 8 and a half hours from now. If I send it in now I'll fail. If I go to sleep and get up in six hours and work on it for a couple more I'll still fail.


Now I'm sure economics just ain't for me..


  1. optimisticguyy11:16 PM

    Well ,as far as i know you from what i read on ur blog, you are a smart girl (i hope you are girl) and i bet you have a mind for math, and also u have a mind for social sciences ,sometimes you have bad ideas that's it, i bet you ll pass that class, because i can quess that you have the symphaty to pass that class.

  2. Please don't suggest you know more about my intelligence and studies than I do.


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