Monday, October 09, 2006

Frustrated wife takes job in brothe

A frustrated German housewife says she has been forced to take a job in a brothel since her husband lost his sex drive.

Adelheid Kran, 58, from Berlin said: "I like sex, I like it a lot, but my husband Guenther has no appetite for sex anymore and does it about once a year."

She added in order to combat the tension between them caused by her sexual frustration she has started working in a "mature ladies" brothel.

"I saw an ad in the paper looking for mature women and decided to try it. Guenther's not thrilled about it, but I can't hem myself in just because he's not up for it and we're actually getting on better now.

"It's not something I do full time, and I only have sex with the men I like. In a job like this, you have to keep a certain standard," she said.

...yes, by all means, do keep a certain standard...

I'm not entirely sure how to comment on this article..


  1. Sexxmachine11:37 PM

    Hmm, yeah hard to comment on this article. But if you are the girl who's sitting on the swing on that little picture, then i ll have an offer to you. Hey i have a good sexual power for now,and if u and i marry i ll make 3 times sex with u per day :)) but for how many years that will last is a big question, and also what you will act like in such a case also a big question. But i bet you are not like that german lady ehh? i hope you are not!

  2. I thought you only wanted virgins.

  3. trialtimes7:06 PM

    Hey the girl sitting on the swing seems so pretty and i assumed she was a virgin :P. Well anyways if she is not then i can decide it after trying her for sometime :D

  4. I do hope you're not planning on marrying a cartoon character.

  5. myblueeyedchick7:05 PM

    A cartoon character? No,no noo, i don't even watch Hentais, they are so absurd. Ofcourse i will marry with a real girl who has real eyes, real lips, real belly, real legs and real smiles, i hope i will. And the girl sitting there in a green garden on a hammock, looks very real :P and looks very kissable and lickable =). Hey i assume that she is you,so :D not?


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