Saturday, October 14, 2006

Honesty... everyone but yourself.

"But let me at least say that for a person who says she values honesty very highly, you are surprisingly little honest yourself. Maybe you just feel it applies to everyone but yourself."


That was said by one of the guys I've been seeing since I came back to town. I don't think he appreciated my liking another guy and not being too sure about what to do with him.

Not that I blame him. We were just too different.


  1. Tjalve1:20 PM

    Actually it had nothing to do with you liking another guy. It had to do with you saying you liked me, and saying you wanted to meet me. While at the same time, for over a month, almost doing what you could to avoid me.

    It was not a nice thing to say. But that doesn't mean I think it was wrong. That doesn't mean I hate you. Only that I'm disappointed.

    And happy birthday. I hope you get lots of presents. Even though you've said you don't want one from me.

  2. Lemons taste bitter...


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