Sunday, October 15, 2006

B'day again

Today Applestories is 2 years old and I'm 22.

I know I'm supposed to say "has it been two years already, it seems like only yesterday I started writing!" I'm not gonna do that because, actually, it feels more like four years than two.

I've been complaining about getting old for days but, as usual, I only need a while for it to sink in, then I'll be fine. Even if I'm old. And even if 22 doesn't look as nice as 21. (I'm worried about how my age is written - if that's the biggest worry I have, I seem to be leading a rather good life...)

Birthdays are fun though - I've got both a present (a book - The Guy seems to know what I like.), and muffins! I like muffins.. And cake. You can't have a birthday without chocolate cake. And dinner and a loooong massage and... well, I'm sure you can imagine the rest... The Guy knows his stuff is all I'm gonna say.

Other b'day activities have included reading, making a budget, showers and now I'm gonna try and watch a football match while struggling to stay awake.

Do I have a boring life?


  1. Well happy Birthday accross the pond!

  2. meltedheart12:15 AM

    Woow a 22 year old hot norwegian girl mmm, well because of you there is global warming on this earth , pls don't melt the ice there , but u can melt my heart eheheh

  3. Thanks Caesar :)

    I wonder if it's possible to put a cheesy-filter on the comments...


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