Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't mess with the Toilet Paper!

I share an appartment with three guys. We have a living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. Two guys have one bathroom, I share the other one with the third guy.

That's always been fine, no one really spends a lot of time in the bathroom, we buy hand soap and toilet paper every second time and take turns cleaning the bathroom whenever either of us feels it gets too messy. The only thing he never does is take out the trash. I figure that's because there's mostly "girl stuff" in it. I don't blame him.

But a couple times now we've ran out of both soap and toilet paper. It's been my roommate's turn to buy new stuff and he just doesn't. I've done it before when he's forgot and don't really mind, but I prefer it not to let it become a habit. Once before when we'd ran out of toilet paper I went to the shop and got some. When I came back he went *gasp. isn't it my turn, it's my turn to buy toilet paper, isn't it? I said it was but I prefered not to run out of it. That can get rather... messy. (yuck)30 minutes later there was toilet paper in the bathroom.

But now it's happened again.

Monday: Almost empty
[I go to the store to buy some more]

Tuesday: Only a little scrap of paper left
[I wonder if I should put it in there]

Wednesday: Same scrap of paper left.
[No one wants to use the last piece of paper. I bring my own paper, won't give Roommate the satisfaction of just sitting there while toilet paper magically appears.]

Thursday: Same scrap of paper left.
[Doesn't Roommate ever have to go? Does Roommate bring his own paper too? Does Roommate think it's my turn to buy toilet paper? Is it my turn to buy toilet paper?]

Fucking roommates... I bet... I bet he's constipated.
And if he isn't, I... I hope he gets... gets... diarrhea!

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  1. Have you had an argument over paper coming over the top or going behind when you load? That always bugs me.


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