Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Toilet Paper's back!

I'm in the kitchen cleaning some pots and pans.

[Enter Roommate]

Roommate: "Toilet paper! I bought some!"

And he did, he really did!

It's Saturday and after almost a week we again have toilet paper! And soap!


  1. curiousgirl8:01 PM

    What?!! Gosh! You stay with a guy room mate? How can u protect yourself from him? Doesn't he want to get laid with u? How much is a pack of toilet papers in norway?

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Annie, I know it's a toilet paper entry, I know it's the 14th, but I won't see you again on the 15th, so have a terrific , happy, birthday babygirl, another year has gone so quickly, happy 22nd sweetie, I wish we could have a talk on your day but know you are always on my mind especially on your day, love you babes, kisses and cuddles from Shane, enjoy.


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