Friday, October 06, 2006

Tick tick tick...

...and the numbers are in.

Every year, when the taxes have been paid and checked and listed, they are published online. Earlier they weren't too strict about it, just put it out there and do what you want with it. The past couple years they've made a rule.

You can see how much anyone in the country earned the past year, how much what they own is worth and how much they paid in taxes. But you can only do it for three weeks, this year it's from October 6th till October 27th.

October 6th being today, certain online papers, among them Bergens Tidende, the biggest paper in Bergen, seem to write about nothing but the taxes. They have articles about anything and everything, listing the richest people in the country, in the city, those who have suspiciously low incomes, those who have no posessions yet own a couple houses and a private jet.

It's time to see who's got what and what they have to say about it. Time to sneak around and see what your neighbour earned last year and how much money she has. People can, people do. Curious?

Another thing that happened today was the Govertment presented the budget for next year. All the online articles not concerning the taxes is about... well, still taxes. Who will have to pay what next year, who will get what. Families with low incomes and children seem to come well out of it while the rich people will have to pay more.

It's an economic mania, it's all about money today, who has them and who's gonna get them.

I don't and I won't so I'll tidy up my room instead. I've had my own economic mania the last few days...

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