Monday, October 30, 2006

Human Trafficking in Bergen

Police says there are several foreign men running human trafficking operations out of Bergen.

It only took BA (Norwegian newspaper) a few minutes to find 56 girls in Bergen who offer sex for payment over the net. When the same search was performed three years ago, only 2 girls advertised their services.

- Human trafficking is hidden and hard to discover, says Odd Hilt at Bergen Police Station to Many advertise on the net and operate out of apartments, never having to walk the streets.

Police in Bergen has now launched a big investigation of prostitution and the environment surrounding it in Bergen.

Now the police want to catch the men who run this cynical trade in humans. The police does not yet know how big this business is in Bergen.

- It's hard to say how big the percentage is, but there is human trafficking, we know that, and that's what the police wants to do something about, Hilt says.

Police says many of the prostitutes in Bergen are owned by foreign men who bought them in their home country and force them to sell sex.

Story by Henning Jensen

I have a problem with "owned" and "bought" though... If I bring you out of your country and hand you over to another person and they give me money for you, have I then sold you? Do you then belong to someone?

If I steal a TV and sell it to you, is it then yours? No, it will still be stolen goods. Why doesn't that apply to people? The journalist, Jensen, wrote this in a way which makes me wonder... Is it the general opinion that you can own people? Or just prostitutes?

It's coming closer.
Now try telling me it's not my problem..

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