Friday, November 24, 2006

Youthful Shopping

I was at a shop that sells all kinds of stuff today.. Mostly clothes, shoes, shampoo, make up and such. I suddenly heard a woman asking someone working there about some foam she'd seen on TV. It was supposed to give your hair more volume.

Then she called out to her friend "They've got Define!" and the friend came over too.

I was looking around, had found the shampoo I was looking for and, curious as I am, had to walk over to where the women had just been. I didn't actually see what they bought but saw something called "Hair Thickening Foam".

Thinking back to the last time I bought something for my hair and, not being able to remember when that was, I decided to try this thing.

I went to the cash register with shampoo, three plastic containers shaped like animals with shower gel inside (xmas gift for sis), hand cream and foam. I put it all on the counter and waited for the person in front of me to pay. Then I hear someone behind me.

"Look! Look, she's buying the same thing as you! And she's a youth!"

Not a woman, not a lady, I was a youth. I felt so young!

.. then again, you tend to do that when getting shopping advice from 70 year olds.

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