Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cracked open

Is this hot?

She's hot, I know that, but should dresses these days reveal that much? I like butts, butts are cute, but I think it's hotter to wear a dress that shows off the bottom of your butt (so to speak).

The bottom of a butt is nice, it has curves, two little halves curving up against each other. The top of a butt is just a line and, in my mind, it's just not that hot..

This is Michelle Heaton at the World Music Awards in London.


  1. honesttalkativeguy11:48 PM

    No baby she is not that hot when i compare her with the girl swinging on her hammock and watching around , and to be honest she has a lil bit thick bosy and i hate tattoos :p but maybe a lilpossibility i can like a piercing on a belly but no even that sucks ,because i may not lick the belly button then ,afraid of being pierced on the tongue and then i can t talk to a nice girl like u and charm her with my words :P

  2. laying it on kinda think arent we honesttalkativeguy?!?!

  3. Kristoffer1:05 PM

    Never hot with a "rørleggersprekk". ;)

  4. I like butts but... Eeeww! I absolutely detest ppl showing off their buttcracks. It's gross... and nowhere near sexy!

  5. Normally, I'd have some kind of crack joke to go with this, but no.

    This isn't fashion. I wouldn't really care to see where Andrea's fault line begins on a first date.

    Whoops. There it goes anyway.
    Now, hot pants on the other hand...

  6. Hmm... got a date, do we Raine? :P


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