Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Erection interfering with meditation - monk cuts it off.

A Buddhist monk in Thailand cut off his own penis with a machete after having an erection while meditating, Thai newspaper Kom Chad Luk reports.

The hospital director can't confirm how the incident happened but says the monk did not wish to have his genitals reattached. The reason was he had liberated himself from all earthly needs and desires.

- We cleaned the wound, stitched it up, but he did not want it reattached. He said he'd given up everything, Prawing Euanontouch at the Maharaj hostpital tells news agency Reuters.

I feel a little something from Wikipedia is in its place:

In Thailand, penis attacks are reputedly more common than in any other country. In fact, in Thailand more penis reattachment surgeries are performed than in any other nation. In contrast to such battery in Western nations, the motivating factors in Eastern nations world vary and are not necessarily lovers' quarrels.

For example, in November 2004 Manit Srithammathan cut off two teenage boys' penises and threw them in a canal. When the police questioned Srithammathan, he said he had cut off and disposed of their penises because the boys refused to confess to stealing $1,250 from his ATM account after they were shown videotape evidence of their theft. Typically also, the perpetrator's disposal of severed penises is unconventional. In 1997, a Thai wife had severed her husband's penis while he was asleep and attached it to helium balloons.

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