Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My feet feel strange from trying to walk in the shoes again. They're all wobbly. Now my ankles are wobbly.

I have to try walking in them a bit before I actually have to wear them for longer than two minutes.

Apparently I'm not used to wearing heels... these are heels that could easily get stuck if I walked on a cobbled street (thanks for the word, Timothy :P.

I think I better stay inside while wearing them... They dont seem to be made for walking. They seem to be made just for looking nice.

And making me wobble.


  1. If you're not used to wearing heels, avoid wearing stillettos first (the ones with thin heels). Instead opt for the thicker heels. That way you can get use to the height and learn to walk steadily first.

    It's also important before you buy new pair of heels, you should test them first to see if they're stable. If you wobble too much in them, then those heels has got to go, sista! Wobbly heels is bad for the knees and the back.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Hei Apple,
    Beautiful shoes!
    But if you are uncomfortable with them... listen to perky.
    Only problem I have with stilletos is that they get stuck on the the metal thingy in front of buildings.

  3. I do have other shoes with heels and it's not that I'm not used to wearing heels, it's that I'm not used to wearing these kinds of heels..

    Besides, as long as I have to walk 2km to get anywhere, I won't be going anywhere with these heels. I'll save them for when I'm staying inside.

  4. Oh, and I now have a new-found respect for models.


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