Sunday, November 12, 2006

What I was thinking...

Boy and girl meet.

Boy and girl are attracted to each other.

Boy and girl meet again.

Boy and girl have sex.

Boy and girl are no longer attracted.

Boy and girl become close friends. much does it take for boy and girl to find
themselves attracted to each other again?


  1. bullydesire4anneoapple6:56 PM

    Hmm a girl as beautiful as u might turn me on always :D , So u are the girl swinging on the hammock hmm? yuo have a nice face and cute legs :D When will we meet honey? You can be my wife

  2. It depends if they're attracted in a physical or emotional sense. If it's just physical, they'll get together whenever "nature calls."

    If it's emotional... well, why weren't they still attracted to each other after they had sex?

  3. Tjalve9:20 AM

    Oh, please don't tell me you have broken up with The Guy. I was honestly hoping this would work out for you.

    Well, I don't think I'm the right guy to tell you how to get together with him again. I don't have sufficient expertise in that department. I'm just saying I'm sorry for you.

  4. Raine: Whenever nature calls? Good to know.

    Tjalve: We haven't broken up.

    They boy is The Guy, and the girl in question is a good friend of his.

  5. Wouldn't his first option for sex be you though?

    Hmm... Definitely a tricky situation.

  6. well....this is called BULL SHIT


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