Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My new shoes

I bought shoes. They look like this.

I know you can't see much but I like this picture
and there's another one at the bottom.

They're very pointy.
I don't like pointy shoes.

They're also silver coloured.
I don't have any silver coloured clothes.

I think I love them.


  1. justasking12:01 AM

    Hmm well nice high heels, hey they are for the wedding baby? Or for a ball hmm?

  2. Well, since you have no clothes that match them, I can only assume you're going to be wearing them without clothes.


    They are shiny though...

  3. Ooohh they're so pretty! =) Goes well with lingerie, or a black tie (think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...) ;)


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