Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reason why women are smarter than men

Gender is an important basis for interest-group
formation, in the 2000 elections, women voted
in disproportionately large numbers for Demo-
crats, and Republicans expressed much concern
over the gender gap.

Harvey S. Rosen, "Public Finance"


  1. hotchocolate11:15 PM

    Babby Anne, oki you are smarter than men, and maybe norwegian girls are hotter than other girls but why you don t answer my comments anymore? :O Hmmm is this a protest to my comments? :P Or exactly u think the same as me? hmm this sounds a little bit impossible eheh, because you are smart and i am dumb :((

  2. gotbored7:43 PM

    Baby do u delete other comments? why only me commenting? uhh


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