Saturday, November 25, 2006

"The irritating game"

Try keeping both balls above their respective lines.

So far I've managed 28.875.

Think you can beat me?


  1. lesssmartboy9:30 PM

    hmm no u are smarter i scored only 23.45 :P hmm both a blondie and a smart girl :D so sweet :D

  2. 28.167, close but not there yet.

  3. lesssmartboy10:16 PM

    28.941 for today's score hmm getting smarter i am so do u?

  4. lesssmartboy10:31 PM

    29.198 ehh have just broken my own record , hey woow i improved my nerves but i think if i can improved myself in oneday u have already done 35s 40s in this game after that post of urs apples.

  5. 33.283

    Not bad. It finally clicked after I stumbled through the first few times with scores like 10.110 and 12.835.

  6. Anonymous10:25 PM

    29.425, Ha I beat it again. this time using a mouse and not my trackpad


  7. Got 31.517 a few days ago.

    Guess I gotta try again to beat Raine :)

    - is it easier with a mouse? Maybe I should get one..

  8. Trying to keep it smooth when my hands tend to fidgit is the biggest trial for me. I've been able to consistently get it into the 20's, but I've never even come close to my record a second time.


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