Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh bump you...

I hate it when guys get you all hot and horny, then leave.

It's just not fair! 


  1. That's when you can get on the phone and give somebody else a call. I'm sure you ain't alone.

  2. Sorry but I'm just not ready to cheat on the first bf I've ever had.

    Hopefully I never will be.

  3. Good, apples. That's very noble and upstanding of you.

    Although, next time you find yourself in bed with the guy, you should get things going and then go for a long shower halfway through.

    Think he'll get the message?

  4. We did sorta got things going. And we finished. But then after a while of just lying in bed he had to go home (was kinda late).

    But he really really shouldn't kiss someone like that before he leaves...

  5. I know what you mean, girl. Oh I so hate it when my bf leaves me like that! Lol!!

    I think men do that because they want to make sure their gfs remember them all day long =)


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