Friday, November 17, 2006


...on a previous post, written by someone pretending to be me, have been deleted.

I think most people here have realized you can write pretty much anything and I'll argue but never silence you.

Writing comments pretending to be me is taking it one step too far.

If it happens again I'll be forced to delete all comments this person makes, something I've wanted to do for a while but never had a reason to. Thanks for giving me that reason.


  1. mathsucks4me28:11 PM

    Awww that apples was a fake apples? awww i thought she was talking to me and commenting to me uhh now i feel like the sky has fallen to my head so one made me abad joke uhhh!!! if i catch that joker kid i lll slap his/her ass ....

  2. That's real creepy....

  3. Turkish guy - don't you think I know when comments are left and by whom they are left?

    As for those comments, all one has to do is look at the way the comments were written - both in the same type of language which lacks such things as capital letters, period / stop signs and commas. Plus all the 'awwws' and 'ewwws' you put in.

    Lil tip - if you want to pretend you're someone else, 1) get a new IP, 2) think up a new writing style.

    ... that said... the last comment did sound like someone else. It sounded strangely familiar, like a breath of wind from the past, winds I've hoped I'd feel again..

  4. mathsucks4me27:21 PM

    Hmm apples , u mean that, fake apples who commented have the same IP address with me? awww that sounds creepy really as perky states, because then without my knowledge this fake apples hijacked my pc and commented there after i commented uhhhh! That's why we might have the same IP address, or maybe he spoofed my ip address ? Creeepyy ...

  5. bite me.

    you have long since outstayed your welcome.

  6. mathsucks4me210:59 PM

    Biting you? aww yeah i like eating apples ,oki why not sweetie sure i can eat you,hmm i like both sore apples and sweet ones... :D


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