Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First daughter

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (CNN) -- First daughter Barbara Bush's purse was stolen while she was in Argentina with her twin sister Jenna, a law enforcement source who was briefed on the incident told CNN Tuesday.

I've heard of a first wife, but a first daughter?? Is her sister a first daughter too, or is she a second daughter?

If they had three sons and two daughters, would there be first sons and first daughters or first, second and third sons and first and second daughters?

Because it just goes against reason that there can be more than one 'first' something..

So I went digging..

The current First Family of the United States consists of President George W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, and First Daughters Barbara and Jenna Bush. Barbara and Jenna were also the nation's First Granddaughters, from January 20, 1989-January 20, 1993. Barbara was eight years old at the time of her grandfather's inaugration and twelve years old when he left office. Barbara was a First Daughter of Texas from 1995, when she was fourteen, to 2001, when she was nineteen.

Umm... right... really smart...

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