Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Guy says...

"Don't freak out now... but my mum is coming over next weekend and she was wondering if we wanted to go to the theater with her"

I'm officially freaking out!!


  1. Tjalve9:30 PM

    This is it. No way back now. Just pick out the wedding dress right away.

  2. Say hello. Flash a smile.
    There goes the first impression.

    Alright. You're good unless you somehow manage to burn the theatre down.

  3. I know exactly how it feels to meet the guy's mom!

    Just take deep breaths =)

  4. Tjalve - I'll give it another ten years.

    Raine - *biiig smile*

    Perky - I remembered the post you wrote on that a while ago... kinda helped me freak out a little more :P

    I really don't know if I'll go. Or if I'm still invited.

  5. Tjalve5:00 PM

    Why give it another ten years? I see you have already picked out the shoes.

    And don't you want to get a family, and hear the pitterpatter of little feet?

    There was a comedian who talked about that. I think it was Ellen DeGeneres, but I'm not sure.
    She said "If you want the pitterpatter of little feet, get a dog. A lot easier, and twice as many feet".

  6. If I ever get married I'll be walking down the aisle, not wobbling.

    I'm with Ellen - get a dog. Or a cat. I like cats..


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