Friday, November 24, 2006

One Month Till Christmas!

Today I remembered I don't like shopping this time of year.

I like how the shops are decorated, all the nice stuff and gifts they put out. I don't really mind all the people. Well I do, it's hard to get around when it's crowded, so I just avoid the shops on Saturdays and such.

But what I don't like, and what I remembered today is the queues. Not the queues as such, but the reason for the queues. What I don't like is when everyone needs to have everything they buy, no matter where or what it is, gift wrapped.

Is there anything more annoying than standing in a line, whether there are two people or twenty, looking forward to finally getting to pay (as if anyone likes that), when you realize it'll take four times as long (at least) because they've started wrapping gifts.

Not only are most people utterly incompetent when it comes to wrapping gifts, most of them never stop talking while they do it. Then when they've finally got all the scotch tape on they ask if you want a label, then put lots of string and whatnot around it. Or worse still - don't ask and just slap the label on. I prefer those you attach to the string, but that's just me.

I don't get Christmas gifts wrapped in stores for several reasons.
  1. I'm aware of how annoying it is for others, and how it makes queues appear where there should be none.
  2. I don't like the way they do it - they may take ten minutes doing it but they do it without caring - the gifts end up looking real bad.
  3. I like panicking the night before Christmas (ok, I don't like the panicking bit), wrapping everything up ready for the morning.
  4. I put a whole lotta love into my Christmas gifts. I love it when I find a good one, I love wrapping it, making people wonder what it is. I love giving gifts and seeing that someone likes them.

For me, wrapping something is a part of transforming it from a random thing on a shelf in a store, to an actual Christmas Gift. Call me strange but... when I do something, I do it good. I go all the way. Spending a lot of money, getting the wrapped box and all you have to do is put the names on the label... I couldn't do that.

I spend more time than money, it's not efficient, it's probably not smart, but the people who get my gifts are people I really care about. I don't mind spending that extra time, the extra effort, putting some love in there, letting others know that I've taken the time and not the easy way out.

When it's for someone I care about.. I don't mind that at all.

Let's ban gift wrapping in all shops!
It's evil I tell you, it takes the love out, it's evil!!

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