Thursday, November 23, 2006

A poll...

...taken from, a sort of online magazine which specializes in health, alternative medicine, sexual and romantic relations etc.

As you can see, the alternatives vary for boys and girls. Why is this?

A lot of young people these days think casual sex is all right.
Have you had a one night stand?
Girls: Yes, of course!
Girls: Yes, but I regret it.
Girls: No, I'm waiting for the one.

Boys: Yes, several times!
Boys: It happens, but it's not too good.
Boys: No, it's not my style.

I mean... it's just... what?!?
If I prefer one of the last three, I can't pick them because I'm not a guy? What if a guy is waiting for 'the one', he can't answer that because "no, guys just don't do that"? And a girl has to choose between regretting, which you shouldn't do, being a prude (waiting for the one) or being liberated (of course!)?

And why isn't there just a "yeah, I've done that" option for girls?
I wouldn't say "yes, of course!" because it's simply not expected of someone to do that.
I wouldn't say I regret it. Well, maybe once..
I sure as hell wouldn't say I'm waiting for the one. I hope there's not a 'the one' because if there is, I've either lost him, or I've spent too long crying over someone who wasn't him.

I resent and object to this poll and the way it is presented. You know what most people have answered so far?

Girls: Yes, of course!

One fourth of the people answering this have said that. Is this representative? Do really more girls than guys think one night stands are ok? Some real research just said more men than women are willing to have sex on the first date. Surprised?

Presenting alternatives and options in this way is misleading. It makes you believe the results are quite different from what they really are.

Separating the sexes even before you start the research, not allowing men to answer something that's not expected of them, forcing women to answer something you think they will want to answer, means you've presented results before you've started the research.

That's too amateurish for me.


  1. cybergirl6:55 PM

    Hmm from one of your statements i can understand that you like a net guy right? Otherwise why you shouldn't know who he is?

  2. cybergirl7:10 PM

    hmm , let me comment on those test questions
    for girls:
    yes ofcourse menas yes she did it
    yes but i regret means yes she did but she is sorry
    no i am waiting for the one means she didn't do such a things and waits for one

    for boys:
    yes several times means yes he did
    it happens but it s not too good means he is sorry that he did
    no it's not my style means he looks for a nice one and didn t

    so seems like the questions are equal for both we girls and those silly boys :P


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